You could win $1 million just by completing this QR code puzzle

Win any amount between 25 cents and one million dollars.

TL;DR: Keep yourself entertained and get the chance to win a major prize with the 1 Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF. As of July 17, grab one for $30 — a 53% savings.

The jigsaw puzzle trend isn't limited to surging pandemic sales. Take David Dobrik, for example. The influencer released the Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle at the end of 2020 and gave away cash to those who solved it.

Now, there’s the 1 Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF, the group behind Satan Shoes and Death of an Influencer. This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle assembles to form a QR code. Once you complete it, simply scan the QR code with your phone’s camera and follow the pop-up link.

From there, you’ll enter your secret prize code and see what you’ve won. The prize code is printed on the paper insert included in the box — do not lose it. You can redeem your prize via PayPal or Venmo.

The giveaway doesn’t last forever, though. According to the rules, you have until January 10, 2022, or the date the supply of codes is depleted, whichever comes first.

Ready to try your luck? Grab the 1 Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF for $30 (regularly $64) for a limited time.

The 1 Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF, 500-piece Jigsaw Puzzle — $30
Credit: The 1 Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF