Trivia Quiz: Horror Movies

Braingle's Daily Trivia Quiz for May 07, 2023

A Movies Quiz : I will give you a description of a horror movie, then you will choose an answer based on that description. Let's see if you know your horror!

1. This horror movie is about a man called "Jigsaw" who gets his victims to kill themselves. Towards the end, the doctor cuts off his foot.
2. This movie is about a mysterious video tape which seems to kill everyone who views it. After viewing the tape, people had 7 days to live.
3. This movie, starring Johnny Depp, is about a writer being accused of plagiarism from an unknown man. Little does the writer know, that man is closer to him than he thinks.
4. This movie is about a man (played by John Cusack) who insists that he stay in a certain hotel room. He soon finds out the room has terrors in store for him.
5. This movie is about a man, Ichabod Crane, who investigates a so-called "Headless Horseman" who beheads his victims.
6. A great white shark named ____ terrorizes a small community in this 1975 film.
7. In this 1980 film starring Jack Nicholson, a family moves into a hotel where an evil spirit lives, influencing the violence of the father.
8. This movie is about a girl who becomes possessed by an evil entity. It's up to two priests to save her.
9. This movie is about Michael, a psychopath since childhood, who escapes from a mental institution. His doctor frantically searches for him.
10. In this Alfred Hitchcock film, a town is unexpectedly invaded and attacked by birds.

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