The star-studded line up for RTE’s Ultimate Hell Week 2022 has been announced

RTÉ’s Ultimate Hell Week will be returning to our screens for another season, and it’s just as star studded as ever.

Hell Week fans will be thrilled to see some of Ireland’s biggest name have joined the show and will be taking part in the intense Special Forces training. The series will return to our screen’s on the seventh of September.

This year’s show will feature:

1.David Gillick

Former sprint star, David Gillick, is used to some pretty tough training after his impressive athletic career. Winning gold European Indoor 400m championships in 2005 and 2009, before stepping back from field and track in 2013.

But even with his sporting background, David still found Hell Week to be a big challenge. Writing on Instagram: “This was a brutal experience!”

“One of the toughest things I’ve ever but my mind, body and soul through!”

He supported the charity Friends of Coombe.

2. Fiona O’Carroll 

Fiona O’Carroll swapped life in the studio for some Special Forces training.

The actress, best known for her work on Mrs. Brown’s Boys, is joining this year’s Hell Week. On the experience, Fiona said on Instagram: “I’ve been bursting to tell everyone for so long! I still can’t believe that I did it. It was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced but wow!! Celebrity Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week…What an experience!!”

Fiona was also full of praise for her Hell Week family, writing: “And I cannot speak any higher about my fellow recruits. Legends all of you and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to share it with all of you.”

She represented charity Irish Red Cross.

3. Peter Finn 

Home Rescue star, Peter Finn took the title of no. 3, in this season’s Ultimate Hell Week.

While, Peter a.k.a. Pete The Builder is used to keeping busy on the construction site, his new challenge was the training course. Sharing his experience on Instagram, Pete said: “It’s hard to find the right words to describe how challenging being on Hell Week really is!”

“Words like Relentless, Intense, Harsh, Exhausting, Extreme, Highly Emotional & Life Changing come to mind.”

He was “proud” to support Children’s Health Foundation Crumlin.

4. Billy Holland

Former lock and flanker, Billy Holland took his rugby training to Ultimate Hell Week.

The former rugby union, Munster, and Ireland player took on the special forces training, sharing on Instagram: “What an incredible experience!!”

“Hands down the most physically demanding thing I have ever done in my life.”

He was supporting the Jack and Jill foundation.

5. Luke Thomas

Luke Thomas, lead singer of The Swing Cats, was plenty prepared for Ultimate Hell Week with his background as a personal trainer.

But even then, Luke still admitted the special forces training was difficult, saying on Instagram: “I’m so bloody glad I stepped up to the plate as it was one of the greatest and most difficult experiences of my life.”

“I genuinely conquered fears I never thought I would and asked questions of myself that were both uncomfortable and empowering.”

“I met some incredible characters during this experience and have memories that will last a life time…”

He supported charity Alone.

6. Aisling Daly

UFC Aisling Daly took on a new challenge outside the ring, joining this season of Ultimate Hell Week.

The MMA pro had been fighting since 2007, but even with her background, the show still proved to be tough. As she explained on Instagram: “One of the toughest things I have ever done but an absolutely invaluable experience.”

“When you’re stripped back to nothing, you find out who you truly are, and then, you have to decide if you like what you’ve found.”

She is supported charity Jigsaw.

7. Setanta Ó hAilpín


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Fijian-Irish sportsman, Setanta Ó hAilpín has plenty of athletic training. With his time as a hurler for Cork, and a professional Australian rules footballer.

And now he can add special forces training to the list.

He will be supporting Good Shepherd Cork.

8. Oisín Murphy


Champion jockey Oisín Murphy, is taking a break from the race course to take on Ultimate Hell Week.

Oisín is plenty used to tough training due to his career as a flat race jockey, and now he is taking on special forces training.

Hopefully his wins as British Champion Jockey in 2019, 2020 and 2021, will come in handy on the show.

9. Johnny Ward

Fair City star Johnny Ward is plenty used to competition, after taking on Dancing With The Stars. But he latest challenge is going to be a lot more intense.

Sharing his excitement at joining Ultimate Hell Week, Johnny wrote on Instagram: “Delighted to finally announce that I am Number 9!”

“Hands down the toughest challenge of my life.”

He will be supporting Capuchin Day Centre.

10. Blathnaid Treacy

RTE presenter Blathnaid Treacy from Today Show decided to take on the challenge of Ultimate Hell Week.

Speaking to VIP Magazine at RTÉ’s Autumn Launch, Blathnaid revealed why she signed up for the tough show. Confessing: “I absolutely loved the last season! And people like Niamh Cullen and Laura [Nolan], they were just so inspiring, and sort of could see myself in them and I just thought, ‘if they can do something like that, why can’t I?”

“I’ve never done anything like this before, I used to be a total tomboy when I was a kid, I had four brothers and we all used to kick lumps out of each other. I was like all right, this is a chance to get rid of the heels, lashes, the makeup and completely take myself out of my comfort zone.”

She will be supporting Woman’s Aid.

11. Pamela Uba

Pamela Uba has plenty of achievements under her belt, from earning her medical science degree, and Master’s degree in clinical chemistry, to winning Miss Ireland.

And now she’s adding Ultimate Hell Week to the list. Sharing her experience on Instagram: “Honestly can’t even believe I did something like this but I will say it was the most exhilarating thing and bravest thing I have ever done!”

“To make yourself vulnerable and go through physical and mental hardship at their extreme I can only be in awe of everyone who took part with me.”

She is supporting Variety Ireland.

12. Eric Donovan

Boxer Eric Donovan, is hanging up his glove and taking on the special forces training.

Sharing the news on Instagram, he wrote: “I’ve been dying to share this news for a while. It was so hard to keep it quiet. I took part in [RTÉ’s] Ultimate Hell Week with a bunch of absolute legends and to say it was an incredible experience would be an understatement.”

“One of the toughest, maddest, craziest, most beautiful things I’ve ever done in my entire life.”

He is supporting Cuan Mhuire Athy.

13.  Paul Ryder

Ireland AM’s Paul Ryder left behind pals Elaine Crowley and Simon Delaney, to take on Ultimate Hell Week.

While the special forces training was arguably less glam than his work as drag queen RuPaul Ryder, he was still plenty excited to take on the new challenge.

Speaking to VIP Magazine at RTÉ’s Autumn Launch, Paul revealed why she signed up for the tough show. Confessing: “I wanted to challenge myself. We’ve lived in our own little bubbles, I’ve lived in my own little bubble where you’re celebrated for everything you do, and everyone tells you, ‘you’re amazing, and you’re this, that, and the other.'”

“Whereas this was a challenge to kind of really sink your teeth into and kind of go, ‘all right, I’m not used to this.'”

“The last time I was shouted at by four men was secondary school, so let’s see how this is going to move forward.”

He will be supporting LGBT Ireland.

14.  Eoin Cadogan

Hurler and football star Eoin Cadogan, brought his sporting skills to Ultimate Hell Week.

Sharing his excitement on Instagram, he wrote: “Welcome to Hell … Say hello to recruit #14”

He is supporting My Canine Companion.

15.  Rebeccah O’Rourke

Fitness influencer Rebeccah O’Rourke is used to a tough workout routine, but took it to a new level with Ultimate Hell Week.

Writing on Instagram: “Lads!!! Beyond excited to finally share that you’ll all be seeing me go through the toughest challenge of my life to date – SPECIAL FORCES ULTIMATE HELL WEEK!!!”

She is supporting Breast Cancer Ireland.

16. Boidu Sayeh

Westmeath footballer Boidu Sayeh left the pitch behind for some special forces training.

Sharing his excitement at joining the show, he wrote on Instagram: “Welcome to hell week, Delighted to be part of this with such an incredible group, I probably wouldn’t do it again but, loved every bit of it.”

He was supporting World Food Programme.

17. Fergus McFadden

Rugby star Fergus McFadden switch from a centre for Leinster to position 17 in this year’s Ultimate Hell Week.

Sharing his excitement on Instagram, he wrote: “No.17 looking tough here….I didn’t feel it after these lads were finished with me! Lucky to have met some brilliant people on this crazy journey…”

He supported Pieta House.

18. Tadhg Fleming

Social media star Tadhg Fleming swapped TikTok for training in this year’s Ultimate Hell Week.

Writing about his experience on Instagram, he joked: “I swear this isn’t a photoshop job, I’ve been quite on here for a while now but absolutely bursting to finally be able to say I took part in one of the most challenging/amazing experiences I have ever done in my life: Special Forces Ultimate Hellweek.”

Messing that they’d invited his father Derry to join the show, he said: “They asked for Derry but his shoulder was at him the poor crator”

“It rocked me mentally & physically but such a rewarding experience & I am so grateful to do it with a fantastic bunch of people.”

He supported Let’s Get Talking.

19. Ciara Griffin

Rugby union star Ciara Griffin, managed to find time in between playing flanker for UL Bohemians and Munster, captaining Ireland, and working as a primary school teacher, to part take in Ultimate Hell Week.

Writing about the show on Instagram: “Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week number 19! One of the most challenging but rewarding experiences to date.”

She supported Kerry Hospice.

20. Michael McKillop 

Middle distance runner, Michael McKillop, took on a new challenge with Ultimate Hell Week.

Writing on Instagram: “Its a secret that I’ve had to keep secret for a very long time.”

“But I can officially annonce that I took on the challange of the [RTÉ’s] #ultimatehellweek with some of the most amazing people.”

He supported Epilepsy Ireland.

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