The mystery is solved!

I see Torry is ripping through the fifth book of The Seven Sisters series while I'm still on number three. OK -- so neither of us really liked one of the sisters, but perhaps she will grow on us. I was surprised this morning to see that I'm almost 50% through the third one, and the historical fiction part and the character-building just pull you in. Yep -- they are romantic, no doubt about it, and that's OK. It's very healthy to read outside your usual genre. 

And here's some GOOD news. I just checked, and the FINAL book will be released on May 11, 2023. Lucida Riley died in 2021 before she could finish the final book about the father, but her son took over, and the book is done! The theory of the secret driving force behind the series has been in all the books? OK -- I need to put my puzzle-solving hat on for that one. I couldn't put the new book on hold at the library, so it's yet to be available for ordering, and I imagine there'll be a long wait for it. I still have FOUR books to read! 

I can see where book three is going, but I'll just have to wait and see how right I am!

So to keep up with my goals, I got the binding on TWO quilts yesterday. This first one is my quilt - The Among the Stars Again. 

The binding on one of my quilts

The second one is a quilt for Quilts of Valour. Yeah! That leaves ONE more for Quilts of Valour to bind. I'd need to make arrangements for the huge stack to be delivered. I want them out of the house by the end of the year!

The binding on a Quilts of Valour quilt

And the stack is getting smaller by the day! It will be a super exciting day when that entire table is clear! But that will only happen after the end of the year as there are some sleeves to make, and well -- that will take some time. But it's all progress. 

The pile of quilts to finish gets smaller

Here's a bit of a shock! I mentioned on my blog that I wanted to teach a class called The Barn Star Sampler. 

Barn Star Sampler book

 It looks like an amazing and fun quilt, and I know several of you have already purchased the book. Just before Christmas, I was told we couldn't proceed with the class because the book was SOLD OUT. Seriously?? How can a book that is released in August be sold out? Well, we now have the answer. The book was published by Martingale, who I'm sure many of you are familiar with, as they have been a dominant force in the quilt book publishing industry for 40+ years. Well, guess what? They are closing! Yep --- mid-2023! 

The publisher did two short runs of that book, and both sold out, and they decided not to tempt fate and run a third printing due to money issues. HOLY!!!!

If enough people are interested, we can TRY to find time to make this quilt. The book will be available soon directly from the author. 

All industries are changing rapidly, and who knows what 2023 will bring. If anyone is interested in this quilt or bought the book after my initial announcement, send me an email so I can see the interest.

OK -- so I will have to start shopping in disguise. I went to the drugstore yesterday to buy some hard candies for my throat after I decimated the box of lozenges. Besides, Werther's taste is way better than those lozenges! Many of you know that David's Tea stores closed during the pandemic. Well, this is the first time I have noticed this, but there is a mini David's Tea in the Rexall drug stores. They even sell empty tea bags if you have loose tea! I was wondering where to buy them!

Mini David's Tea

So while I was taking this picture and studying the offerings, an employee sauntered past me, and she wasn't stocking the shelves! I'm in my bright orange coat, red scarf, and hat. Hardly trying to be incognito! So that was a good find, and I bought some tea to try - a nutty tea. I also snagged some honey as per my nurse friend Diane, who says it's good for a dry and raspy throat. 

It was another 16+ KM day yesterday, and the weather is still somewhat nasty. Well, it's not bad, but it's below zero, and we still have wind, although it is way warmer than it was a couple of days ago. However, it keeps getting warmer each day, and starting tomorrow, we're supposed to have an entire week with NO temperatures below zero. Now that is just weird! I should have no problem getting my last 94.2 KM before the end of the year!

It was time to tackle those puzzles within the jigsaw puzzle. I managed to identify all eight puzzles without too much difficulty. Then it was time to get some paper and a pen to solve them. Many didn't need paper -- just some thought. 

Solving puzzles

And I ended up with seven answers corresponding to some specific border pieces. I couldn't figure out the answer to the final puzzles and looked up a support page on the internet. I went through all the puzzles to ensure that my logic was correct, and yes, it was for all seven. When I looked at the first clue for the 8th answer, I went, OH!! I should have figured that out. It wasn't hard, but it was unusual. Next time, QUESTION everything. 

The answers correspond to specific border pieces

Then it was time to find the FINAL solution to the mystery. OK -- so my theory didn't work, and I ended up guessing. Then I looked at the final clue. OK -- so I get where they were going with it, and I suppose I should have questioned one of the positions of the eight puzzle pieces that would have proved my theory wrong, but seriously -- I thought their solution was a bit lame. They could have made it much more interesting, which is what I thought it should have been. I'm way ahead of my time! 

I bought one of these puzzles myself when I was at the puzzle store, and I wonder how different each one is from the other? Once you understand how to find the puzzles, once the jigsaw is together, that shouldn't be hard, and the eight puzzles were relatively evident in this one. They have 6 or 8 puzzles in each, and that final answer. Will it be the same process? I can't wait to find out!!!

Here's the final puzzle. I really enjoyed the entire process. And although I shouldn't, I might crack open another puzzle to finish off this week. Not one of these -- just an ordinary puzzle. 

The final puzzle

And this dog - I mean this princess is taking total liberty of the couch. DH moved the cushions out of the way, and now she thinks it is her place to snuggle right into the corner of the sofa. ARRRRGGG  -- the dog hair is everywhere, and I am NOT vacuuming that couch. I didn't let her up; not my responsibility. Just before I snapped this picture, she had the tip of her nose poking up as if to say -- hey honey -- can you bring me a biscuit! 

MOM -- get me a beer! 

The worst part is that DH says -- she takes all the room. DUH! Make her move, but she has him wrapped around her finger. This is not good for discipline measures -- she thinks she can do whatever she wants when she wants. I told her sleeping on the couch is a privilege, NOT a right, and that she is NOT allowed on the sofa at night. Only when her dad is there! Murphy couldn't care about that couch, but if someone leaves a basket off the sofa or chair in the front room? Murphy has no qualms about curling up there! Sigh............. Our house has gone to the dogs! 

Oh gosh -- I dreamt about the Camino de Santiago last night. Yep -- I'm going back. This time with cheap BIG shoes and cheap socks! I'll put more thought into it than that, but I'll be back!

I did some other sewing yesterday but didn't take a picture, so you will see it tomorrow. I have to start a writing project today, so that will be the day's focus. Holiday sewing is over, and it's time to get back to work!!

Have a super day!!!