The Link Up: 2 Books Emily Couldn’t Put Down, The Finally In Stock $50 Outdoor Rug We Love, and The Sale We’re Most Excited For This Weekend

Goooood morning, afternoon, or night depending on when you decided to click on and read this post. How are you? Our week has been pretty great as LA is starting to open up more and more, meaning the pandemic light at the end of the tunnel is looking brighter. Regardless, it’s Sunday and we’ve got a lot of goodies in store for you this week.

You might not believe us but this week’s home tour is actually a RENTAL. Boy did they nail it. Tilly Barber, founder of the furniture restoration company, Homebody already had some AWESOME pieced (which makes sense given her businesses), so this home was the perfect place for her and her housemates to store all of their awesome stuff…or to live in it –– either way. The pieces are really special, so check this tour out if you’d like to feel inspired on this fine Sunday.

From Em: So I’ve read close to 60 novels since the pandemic started (in addition to self-help and non-fiction). Before you come to any judgment about me or you, you should know that they are all PAGE TURNERS and many of them involve dukes. I used to read voraciously (and was why I was an English major) but then just kinda stopped and getting back into it has changed my life. I’m a major pleasure-seeker so knowing that I have a good book to get into bed with, in the most uncertain times, has made my days so much happier. So I’m going to start recommending them here. I’m not going to give any real proper reviews or criticisms, just tell you the ones that I couldn’t put down, that made me feel happy, and gave me something to look forward to every day and on weekends. So here goes:

1. Beach Read: I have no idea why I avoided reading this for a year, but Emily Henry’s writing feels like hanging out with a cool, funny friend and the romantic tension throughout is SO GOOD. It’s light. It’s easy. It’s funny, snarky, and witty. The dialogue is excellent – real, but better. I was so sad when I finished that I pre-ordered her next book “Friends We Meet on Vacation” which was sweet but no, not nearly as good or steamy. I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of this book.

2. The Vanishing Half: I read this probably 6 months ago and it’s still one that I feel like was a page-turner, that I can’t get out of my head, and that I also learned A LOT. It’s about two sisters, twins who navigate very different experiences in life as one shifts to white-passing and leaves the other sister to navigate a very different life. It’s a multi-generational story (which I always love), is extremely well written, deals with a lot of past and current social issues in a really personal way and is just totally gripping. This book will be read in college Lit classes for sure, but trust me that you can’t put it down.

From Mallory: Has anyone tried Methodology before?? I just got a marketed for it and it sounds VERY interesting… basically, it’s a meal service that delivers to you and comes in fancy glass jars. I’m thinking about doing it for lunch a few times a week since it stresses me out to work from home and figure out what to eat for lunch some days (like when I don’t have leftovers) and I can’t keep doing the same tuna salad over and over again HA. I’ve tried Hello Fresh before but am not super into the quality/portion size of the proteins…anyone have any suggestions or meal services they love?? I know Em’s trying out Green Chef right now (which someone said is also a Hello Fresh company or something??) Anyway, I’m interested in the market and would love your full report.

Also from Mallory: The outdoor season is upon us, so I just wanted to let everyone know that one of our favorite outdoor rugs is fully restocked at target and it’s a STEAL. I completely understand why it sold out last year… it’s so classic and you can get a 4×6 for $50 all the way up to a 9×12 for $220. I’m a firm believer that outdoor rugs shouldn’t be super splurgy since they get so trashed from being outside year after year, so I’d snag this before it sells out again. Oh and if you’re curious how we styled it out last year this one’s for you.

From Ryann: My sweet, sweet sister-in-law sent me some makeup for my birthday and I am obsessed with everything she bought me, but one thing in particular really blew me away. I have so much trouble finding good mascara (hello tiny eyelashes) and the kinds I have used in the past always clump. This one by Milk is FANTASTIC. It goes on so smoothly, doesn’t clump, and actually makes my eyelashes look longer and fuller. I am not a makeup expert but I think this mascara is a real winner, folks

From Albie: One thing my husband has always wanted since the day we moved in was a deep freezer… don’t ask me why. Now that we have one though, it really feels like I’ve turned a corner as an adult. It’s come in super handy for getting meat for grilling Sundays but also for things like breads & veggies that we may buy ahead of time when we catch em on sale. 

From Jess: As you may know by now, Caitlin and I are racing to finish our balcony makeovers by 7/20. Since I like to complicate everything, I am painting and “installing” IKEA outdoor floor tiles. But guess what? They need to be cut down to fit. Originally I was going to hire out since my dad is unavailable (the audacity) but then decided I didn’t/couldn’t wait. It’s a race after all! So I hopped in my car and bought this cordless jigsaw. I love it, it makes me feel very powerful and for both the tool and battery it’s only $99. Since I know there will be more projects in the future I think it’s a pretty great investment:)

From Caitlin: In our meeting this Monday, I launched into a tiny tirade about this book – it’s SO good and I read it all in one sitting last weekend. Basically, it’s about the most prolific serial killer you’ve never heard of. He was arrested in 2012, the FBI considered his behavior “unprecedented,” and he struck all over America. I would write more buuuuut I’m not trying to give anyone anxiety (the EHD team’s reactions were an even split between “must read!” and “please stop talking about this”), so just click through to read some wild details.

Also From Caitlin: Megababe is having their 20% off sale this weekend! If you’re new to the brand, I live and die by Thigh Rescue (you can grab the mini for $8!), the Body Dust (if you’ve ever gotten boob sweat or felt sweat drip down your body while doing chores – AKA me – this is a lifesaver, especially with the Dust Puff) and the natural deodorants ACTUALLY smell great and work (I just picked up Smoothie for the first time, but usually Soapy is my go-to). Highly recommended if you’re looking to feel comfy in the heat this summer!

Thanks for reading this week! We’ll see you tomorrow. Happy Sunday! Xx

Opening Image Credita: Design by Tilly Barber | Styling by Annie Portelli | Photo by Caitlin Mills | via the Design Files

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