Sunday (no lie in)

Sunday 12th July  2020
Give yourself some credit for how far you've come.
Well not the best start to the day, moms already kicking off, ringing my sister, doesn't recognise me.  She woke me up in the middle of the night, she's broken and can't be fixed and it's all a big pile of poo.  Tears for breakfast, one minutes she's so vulnerable, the next she's aggressive and angry. 

It's like the waves of the sea, highs and lows, back and forth, up and down, it's exhausting, it really is.  But I won't give up, I bloody won't.  My sisters here now trying to reason with her.

The highlight of the day was watching The Voice Kids, she was so happy for an hour, completely distracted.  

I was made happy by having someone else cook my dinner, I can't go out to restaurants at the moment, whether Covid existed or not so instead I'm having Marlies Menu's bring it to me.  This week it was Beef bourguignon at 11SP, I enjoyed it with some mash and it was both my lunch and my dinner, so filling and delicious. 

I've also had a goat curried ready for today, it's the mild one so it's more like a stew and its just the best thing I've eaten this year.   I think she's doing a lamb tagine next week - I can't wait.  It's my one indulgence at the moment, this weekly treat to look forward too.

Looking forward to working this morning, we're starting a Summer Challenge today and the topic is one of my favourites - I'm all about habits and it's been put across in a way I haven't seen before so I can't wait to share it with members.  I'm on from 9.30 for check in and 10 for the chat, links in the Stafford Connect Group.  

Oh I got active in the kitchen yesterday and gave it a good tidy up and clean, it was a right mess, you could barely see the floor, but it looked glorious this morning when I walked in to make a cuppa.  And because Marlie's menu has already made my dinner, I've not got to make a mess of it cooking today - YAY! 

Today I hope to get moms head in a better place, I'll suggest we start another jigsaw, I've got two crochet projects on the go so would like to get some of that done, but will leave it if doing a jigsaw helps mom, I'd do anything right now to make her feel better, she was so frail and scared in the night, she said to me "you would tell anyone about this will you", which is why I've not gone into detail because I want to respect her wishes, she doesn't say things like that very often. 

Right I need to get my backside into gear, Anne's managing to calm her down.  I'm gonna go get ready for work, here's to a good day.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me