I have just made and eaten a lovely big plateful of bacon, scrambled eggs, beans, cherry tomatoes and quorn low fat sausage. Apparently my willpower is still here. I did not have the lovely buttery toast!

 I cannot wait for the full story on Alfred and Alex so here is a week and a bit's worth of Alfred to be going on with.

I didn't sleep brilliantly, waking at 3.33 prescisely. I nodded back off towards 5 ish and slept til 7.10am. Im about to peg out then major faffing about is on the cards. I sat and sorted the edge pieces on a 1000 piece jigsaw that was stored away from when Mr 23 was a youngster. Its a wassijig one and the picture on the box isn't the picture - but clues? I have no idea what I am doing. I stilll haven't convinced myself yet to buy the jigsaw and then discovered a jigsaw board at Hobbycraft that would be handy...but still dithering! Just uncertain times I think So thank you to all urging me to treat myself but I can hold out a bit more. I do have lots of things I can do first - the quilt kit for instance! Right am off to peg out.

Lots of love from
Rachel * wants a mysterious benefactor* Radiostar xxx