Sailor Moon’s Senshi team up with Hello Kitty and Sanrio for pajama party crossover merch line

The Outer Senshi join the collaboration with Sanrio partners of their own!

Last year, two of Japan’s greatest pop-cultural forces combined their powers as the core cast of Sailor Moon teamed up with Hello Kitty and her Sanrio character compatriots. But just like the original Sailor Moon TV anime was followed by a string of sequel series, it turns out the Sailor/Sanrio collaboration isn’t done yet.

So not only are the Sailor Senshi and their Sanrio partners coming back for a new line of merch, this time the Outer Senshi are getting in on the fun too!

The theme for the second round of crossover character goods is “Pajama Party,” with all 10 Sailors gathering with an equal number of Sanrio characters for a slumber party equal parts cozy and kawaii. Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Chibi Moon are all sticking with their Sanrio counterparts from last year’s batch of merch (Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Kuromi, Marron Cream, Pompompurin, and My Melody, respectively). Meanwhile, collaboration newcomers Sailor Uranus is accompanied by Little Twin Star Kiki and Sailor Neptune by Kiki’s twin sister Lala, which might seem sort of ironic for veteran fans who remember when Sailor Moon’s original English localization tried to pass the romantically connected Uranus and Neptune off as blood relatives. The Sailor Pluto/Pochacco pairing provides some alliterative synergy, and, last, Sailor Saturn and My Sweet Piano, the Sanrio sheep who debuted under the name “Hitsuji” in 1976, share a connection as frequently forgotten members of their groups.

As for the merch itself, the currently announced lineup includes stickers, star-shaped “can badge” pins, and mini acrylic standees, with the pins and standees being randomized blind buys.

▼ The stickers are priced at 330 yen (US$2.55), the pins at 660, and the standees at 990.

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, there’s a Croquis book for 1,045 yen and a mirror for 1,980.

▼ “Hey, what’s a ‘Croquis book?’” Usagi would probably ask, prompting Ami to explain “It’s like a fancy sketch book with high-quality paper.”

▼ The mirror has a fold-out stand and a charm with Sailor Moon’s cat trio of Luna, Artemis, and Diana.

And last, for the fan who’s not short on cash or patience, there’s a 1,000-piece, 3,740-yen jigsaw puzzle, which at 73.5 centimeters (28.9 inches) wide will make for a nice display piece once you’ve put it together.

The whole lineup will be available in April at select Sanrio Shop branches, character goods specialty stores, and e-commerce sites, so you can have your merch ready to take with you to see the new Sailor Moon anime movies this summer.

Source: Sailor Moon official website via Nijimen
Images: Sailor Moon official website
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