Online Guide for Staying at Home - Part 3 - Stress Relief

By Anna Hazard
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Due to health & economic related worries as well as burgeoning cabin fever, now is a time that many people may be seeking new forms of stress relief and anxiety management.

​Here are a selection of free online activities for stress reduction during the coronavirus crisis. Options vary from guided meditation classes, to calming or tension venting online games, to various relaxing livecams & livestreams that are still being broadcasted. 
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Ten Percent Happier Guided Meditations
  • A series of audio guided meditations that have been specifically designed to help the user deal with coronavirus-related stress and anxiety.

​Shambala ONLINE
  • A series of weekly online programs & classes held online via Zoom that focuses on meditation, dharma, and pandemic support.

SoundsTrue Resilience Care Package
  • Free online courses, podcasts, audio programs, books & more on mindfulness, meditation, relaxation, and healthy sleep during times of stress.
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Calming Games

Mom Books Art Therapy Coloring
  • Includes a wide selection of therapy & stress relief coloring pages tailored for adults. Images can be colored directly online or printed & downloaded for later use.

​Jigsaw Explorer
  • A wide assortment of various online picture jigsaw puzzles from various categories. Puzzles are free to use with new ones uploaded each morning.
Ella Stewart Recommended Online Stress Relief Games
  • An archive of previously recommended calming stress relief games that are free and available online. Includes zen gardens, point & click adventure games, online Tetris, and much more.
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Venting Games

Games XL Rage
  • An assortment of free flash games (such as the Disaster will Strike series) that focuses on venting through stress by breaking things in demolition-style entries.
Angry Games Co.
  • An entire website dedicated to online & mobile games for stress relief and anger venting. Includes categories for boss beat'em ups, rampages, and ragdolls.
Ella Stewart Care Recommended Online Anger Management Games
  • Our archive of recommended tension relieving games that will allow one to safely vent and otherwise blow off steam. Includes Angry Birds, Stress Relief Pig, and more.
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  • Livestreams & recordings of various natural & artificial environments around the world from city streets to wild dolphins underwater to puppies in a backyard.
Monterey Bay Aquarium Web Cams
  • Ten different livestreams offer a wide range of subjects to view including open sea, coral reefs, and kelp forests. Footage is also available on the aquariums's Youtube Channel.
Houston Zoo Webcam
  • Includes livestreams from various exhibits such as giraffes, gorillas, and elephants. Unlike other livestreams, these webcams have a function in the lower right display that will allow the audience to queue up for the chance to directly control the camera including zooming & direction.