New quilt store!

So I'm in a mad crunch yet again! I have things under control; it's just that when one needs to pack for a couple of classes and events, things take a turn for the worse! I'm pretty much caught up in quilting for customers - just one more this month, and homework for the classes is pretty much up-to-date as well. It's just being away from home that makes me "panic." It's amazing how much stuff I can squeeze in between Zoom calls or quilting, but I have to be HOME for that to happen. 

I'm off to Sew Productive today for their store opening. Kirsten, from Northcott, will also be there with giveaways! I'll be showcasing sewing and embroidery machines, so there will be loads to see and do. If you are in the area and have nothing to do, why not stop by and check out the new store. Don't forget that there are lectures on quilting and embroidery tomorrow! 

In case you are confused, Sew Productive is a quilt store AND a dealer for Husqvarna Viking. 

You need to register for those two lecture/demos. I've been prepping my samples and presentation and there is LOADS of tips for new quilters/sewists and embroidery. And if you've been around for a while and need a refresher, I've got tips for you as well! 

I've been thinking about my footwear for the Camino de Santiago, and I don't see why I can't wear my running shoes. I wear them all the time, and except for one little blip with a fairly new pair, I don't usually get blisters. And I wear cheap athletic socks, and they work just fine. So when I go back, I think that's what I'm going to do. I may take a pair of walking sandals (NOT Tevas), and switch them back and forth. Yes -- I'll be walking longer distances, but I don't see where that will be a problem. Stick with what you know!

So while that was on my mind, I had dreams that I was back on the Camino, but it was weird! I wasn't dreaming about the walking part, I was dreaming about the Albergue part, and it wasn't nearly the same. Oh well --- I WILL go back, and walk the darn thing even if I have to walk barefoot! I may regret saying that!

Sorry for MORE leaf pictures, but these leaves are so brilliant that it's hard to not attempt to capture their beauty. 

I had a couple of errands to do, and I always stop to look at magazines if there are some. I have to laugh, and probably posted a similar picture in the past. So who does NOT have one of these IKEA tables in your house? I often see them in magazine photo shoots of other people's studios. I have two of them, one in Studio B and one in Studio U. I bought them years ago and I LOVE them. 

IKEA trestle leg table

They are handy because their height can be easily changed. You can put stuff on the shelf on the legs; although it's not the best for storage, it seems to work for most people! 

When I retire, I would love to do more jigsaw puzzles! I have lots in the cupboard, so there is no need to buy more, and there's always the option to trade them with others! So it was hard for me to leave this book at the library when I was there the other day! I'm not keen on how the book was written - the language just seems a bit too amateurish? And I question some of the facts, but overall, it's an interesting read about the history of jigsaw puzzles. 

A book about jigsaw puzzles

I shall NOT be making my own -- I think that's a bit much, but to learn about them, yep -- that works for me.

I have SIX more day events before the end of the year. Once those are out of the way, my schedule will calm down. It's being away for an ENTIRE day that throws my schedule out of whack. And in this instance, I'm away for two days but driving home each night. It all eats up time, but that's OK -- it's part of my job. It's just that we aren't used to being away from home! 

If you're jealous that you don't live close enough to visit that store and attend my lectures, I'll be in Kingston next week, Windsor the week after and Listowell as well. I'll get those dates and events up soon.  

I managed to get a customer quilt done, so that was good. It's trimmed and ready for pickup. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I have ONE more customer quilt this month, so I hope to be able to sneak in a couple of Quilts of Valour quilts - the deadline for that push is November 11. Can I get another 11 quilts done before then? They are waiting by the long arm and I'm going to try! 

I want to say that the quilt above is the FIRST quilt ever done by this person. It was a pleasure to quilt. It was square, and the border had been put on correctly. I know the maker was very worried as it was her first, but she has learned to be a very good quilter after one year-long class VIA ZOOM!!! I know she's going to be pleased to hear that! 

It's also Virtual Retreat weekend and the start of TWO new ongoing classes, one for scraps and one for pre-cuts -- both at The Hobby Horse. It's going to be loads of fun, and I'm already seeing pictures of their stashes. It would appear that we all have a lot of work to do!

The Virtual Retreat is on Saturday, October 29 from 6 - 9 PM. Here's the link for that, and I will be late for that one. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

And all day on Sunday, October 30, starting at NOON until whenever. 

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 816 9371 7518 Passcode: 579285

On that note, I've got a lot to do before I finish packing up the car for today. If you are in the Acton area today, drop in to say hi! The store opens at 10 AM. 

Have a g great day!!!