My Giant Busy Box

My Giant Busy Box - 16 complete kids crafts

I have had several different craft boxes by Alex. This particular box is designated for preschool, but I have used the crafts with kids much older. The crafts are always whimsical and fun, and kids have enjoyed making them.

There are 16 crafts in this box and everything you need to complete them are in the box. Each craft is different. Flat pieces for each craft come in a cellophane bag, so you can easily see what you have. The crafts are brightly colored and there is a lot of variety. Here is what you get in this box:
  • 4 paper bag puppets
  • 4 collage farm animals
  • 2 sticker scenes with 2 plastic frames
  • 4 animal punch outs
  • 2 tissue art pictures
There are lots of art supplies in the box (everything you need) including tissue paper, pom poms, googly eyes, glue, feathers, buttons, fuzzy sticks, dough etc. Most of the supplies are wrapped in plastic.

Below is an image of an instruction sheet in the box and some of the materials.

I've had several of these boxes because I pick them up at thrift stores. I looked at the price at Amazon today and was kind of shocked to see $39. Maybe because of the pandemic more people are ordering stuff like this to do at home, and because the demand is high, so is the price. I've watched that happen with jigsaw puzzles. The price has tripled in the past few months with some brands. It would be fun if I could mail boxes to kids I am working remotely with, but not at that price. I did get to thinking that if you go to Michael's or Hobby Lobby you could easily pay $2 per craft. Then again, maybe you could find this box cheaper if you surf around. I did see other cheaper boxes from other companies on Amazon but I cannot speak to the quality because I have not seen them. This one is pricey, but I like the quality and variety.

If you are interested in purchasing this item or just want more information, click on the image below.