Magic Puzzle Company “Series Three” Jigsaw Puzzles


It seems like cartoony jigsaw puzzles ~with a twist~ is all the rage these days. The most popular examples I know of are those ✨magical ending✨ puzzles by the Magic Puzzle Company, followed by the similar-looking Odd Pieces puzzles that you may have seen ads for on YouTube and elsewhere lately, each of which give you a fun little mystery to solve.

The fact that the Magic Puzzle Company released a Series Two trio of puzzles at the beginning of 2022 somehow slipped under my radar, and then it happened again when Series Three came out at the beginning of this year. Well, I may be late to the party, but better than never, as they say…right?


“The Secret Soup”

The Series Three collection includes these three custom-illustrated puzzles:

  1. “The Secret Soup” — Illustrated by Margaux Peltat
  2. “The Puzzled Patron” — Illustrated by Taylor Rose
  3. “The Gnomes’ Homes” — Illustrated by Ninn Salaün

“The Puzzled Patron”

Like the original set, these puzzles are full of tiny whimsical details and easter eggs for you to discover and enjoy as they’re being assembled, and each one does a “magic trick” when you finish it.

No, it doesn’t like, sprout wings and fly around or anything like that — these are merely cardboard jigsaw puzzles, after all. But there is something of a surprise awaiting you at the end of each one, and you’ll need to solve it for yourself if you want to find out what it is.


Think of like a “bonus level” 😉

The puzzles can be purchased for $23 a pop, or you can buy all three in a bundle for $60.

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