Jigsaw puzzle fun!

Someone posted an interesting comment about Louise Penny's book - The Beautiful Mystery (published in 2012). Gamache was partially inspired by her late husband (Micheal Whitehead), the Former Director of Hematology at Montreal Children's Hospital. He got dementia and eventually died in the fall of 2016. I know from following her blog that he was ill for many years, and this is likely the rationale for the troubled storyline in the books. The timeline would be right. Gamache was also inspired by  Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird and Jean Gamache, a tailor in Granby, QC.

Louise has written ten more books, as she writes one a year. I don't read multiple books from one series, one after another, so I'll have to wait to hear what happens. I'm sure many of you know, but don't spoil it for me! 

Thanks for that insight -- but that sounds like a valid reason for this. 

And so another busy day at my house. It started with a trip to the bank as I thought I needed cash before noon, so Lexi and I went off. We deviated from the usual walk so we could stop by the bank. Needless to say, she was excited as there were new dogs to sniff, and it seemed to take forever, but the weather was beautiful, and I had nothing pressing, so I didn't care. 

MOM -- why are we in the bank? Dogs don't need money! 

On our way home, we spotted this as it was recycling day in our neighborhood. Do people not know by now how the carts are picked up? This boggles my mind since we got multiple flyers saying, "THREE FEET clearance on both sides of the carts." It just blows my mind that people don't pay attention. If I was the garbage man -- I'd have big red stickers that I would place on this mess and say -- fix it, or I will never pick it up. People need to be educated but don't want to be educated. 

A recycling hot mess

As I was putting out my recycling, I decided to dig out the plant pots in the garage as someone on Facebook, Buy Nothing, is interested. Gosh -- what a mess -- I found pots still filled with dirt. And a fork? Why is there a fork in that pot? I had a chuckle over that! 

A fork in the plant pot? 

But this is what I dug out. Yikes -- that's a lot of pots for someone who doesn't have plants. Hopefully, someone will take the entire lot, and I can cross this off my list of things to get rid of. This is the kind of stuff we should ALL be getting rid of. I'll never have plants again; if I do, I can always buy a new pot. Why have I been storing this for so many years? 

Plant pots that are waiting to be picked up!

They were mostly tucked under and on the bottom shelf of this workbench. There are still a few other things that need to be cleaned up in the garage, but this will make a big start, and I MUST get that done in the spring. It would take a good morning, and it would be clean! I have two bike racks and an indoor trainer that also needs to go! The bike racks can wait until spring, but the trainer? This is the perfect time to get rid of it. I hate to admit that it's brand new - never used. 

The workbench in the garage

The girls were not too happy because, at one point, Dad closed the door to his office, and they had to sleep in the hall. That's because Murphy and I were playing ball and were too loud. Oopsy!

MOM -- Dad won't let us in! 

I spent a very productive morning at the computer and got the UFO Clubs for 2023 completely organized! Yeah!! I have a couple more mornings to devote to organizing classes and clubs for 2023, so if you are waiting for a confirmation from me, I should have the backlog cleared up in a week. 

Then I hit Studio B for the afternoon. 

I am determined to get the binding on all those quilts. 

Binding number one

And to work on that puzzle. I can't help it, but when a puzzle is opened, I'm addicted. Not only does this puzzle have individually shaped pieces, but some pieces, when put together, create shapes! 

Can you see the horse? 

Binding number two

And notice the scalloped border -- there was NO way you could pick this border out and do it as some of the pieces that you thought were for the border actually fit inside the puzzle. 

The scalloped border

Binding number three

During Monday's Sewing, we talked about how to sort puzzle pieces. Do you put them on a tray? Or use those puzzle sorters? I am curious if I would like either, as I'm a shuffler. The pieces on the right are those I'm working with, and the ones on the left and top are being ignored for the moment. 

Working on the puzzle

Then I can literally shuffle them around as needed. 

Sorting the pieces

I'm using my Left Edge Topstitch Foot to put those bindings on. It has a groove on the bottom, which prevent the presser foot from tilting sideways on the bindings. It's hard to see in this picture; I should take a picture of the underside to show you. 

The left edge topstitch foot

The left side is thicker than the right side, so the foot rides along the edge of the binding. I forgot I had that foot and dug it out. It took a bit of getting used to, but I like it for binding. 

The left side is thicker 

You get a better idea of that scalloped edge in this photo and see how I fit all the pieces on the right into the puzzle. Now I'll deal with those on the left. 

Getting close

The pieces got sorted and shuffled, and so easy to just move them than picking them up and moving them from one tray to another. The trays will help if there isn't enough space on the table, but I don't think I will be a tray person. 

The next group of pieces is sorted

Binding number four

Binding number five

And here are the fruits of my labor. The puzzle got completed, and it took little time as it's not very big. Remember, it's only 500 pieces. I'll take it apart later today, and it goes in the giveaway pile. 
The completed puzzle

And the pile of quilts to be bound is significantly less. I can actually see the tabletop! There is one left with the binding on the back, and there are 12 more that need the binding attached. And in some instances, I have to make the binding. I will focus on the remaining two Quilts of Valour quilts. They are larger, and I have to make the binding for both. 

Quilts to be bound

Then I can focus on the remaining Project Linus ones; some do not have any binding, so I'll have to find fabric and make it. Sigh -- that's still going to take several days. Two or three a day -- that's my goal. Then I can focus on something else. What a huge job! But almost done! 

And on that note, that's it for me! I'm off to the gym for a spin class. I rejigged my goal for cardio KM for 2022 and then found out that there is no spin class next Monday. We were going to have one, but corporate probably said NO. So now I have to make up 30 in 11 days. I could go and cycle myself at the gym or make it up by walking! Somehow, I managed to walk over 16 KM yesterday. But I walked for several hours, so it didn't surprise me! 

Well, off to the gym. 

Have a super day!!!