It was all going so well

 Well, as well can be expected. The stupid cough was hanging around and yesterday it was THE WORST. I felt quite off it by bedtime ( 8pm! ) 

Think I slept fitfully and still felt off it but had a shower and went to work. Felt sicker and sicker so much so I went to the assistant head and said I needed to go home at about 11am as I didn’t feel very well at all. 

I walked home thinking some fresh air would be nice ( literally two minute walk ) and by the time I got in I was throwing up a which was unpleasant to say the least. I got cleaned up and got in bed and slept for a couple hours. Got up, pottered about. Felt better than before I vomited but still not great. Whilst I was sat doing my jigsaw I was sipping a very weak black tea. I didn’t finish it. I suddenly had an urge to ‘run’ to the loo. Great, T’other end at it’. Deep joy NOT. Here’s what I think. I’ve returned to school and picked up the bug that is running riot through the children. Anyway, here I am blogging from the sickbed. 

In other news, I’ve pinched a few bloggy ideas and have decided to gift hampers to the parents for Christmas. The dining table is groaning with goodies that are useful and will provide a nice treat now and then. 

I’ve included things like

Hot chocolate sachets & cappuccino sachets

Individual sponge puddings

Individual pots of luxury custard 

Little pots of fruit in jelly




Posh crisps ( well posher than normal )

Jar of jam ( Bon maman ) 



I put one of those M&S shortbread tins in that will be a light up lantern when you’ve done with it! 

I’ve put some hedgehog food in for one of them, some new chopping boards in another, I’ll put in a little handmade bauble when I’ve made them - each one is personalised a little. I’ve probably spent so much more haha but have enjoyed buying the bits here and there. I went with the hampers from Wilko - £5 each and comes with all the gubbins. I’ve not made them up yet. Need to finish my jigsaw first ! Progress so far! It’s a right tricky one! I likes a challenge. 


Other gifts have been decided upon which is often half the battle! My mum instructed me to not go mad or even give her anything - especially no more gadgets ( last year I got her an electric milk frother jug !! ) 

So I’m half minded to give her the empty whicker basket!!! 

We found these cute little gingerbread man fairy lights that I will intersperse with some of the gingers I’m going to try and sell. 

And I’ve finally finished the little plain cardi for the future if any grandchildren stash 

Also found one in the stash without buttons, so I had a looksee in my button box and have finished that one. 

Fingers crossed for a settled night and a full swift recovery tomorrow. 
Lots of love from 
Rachel *fed up to the back teeth* Radiostar xxx