The planning and implementation as iterative processes that balance each other can produce meaningful outcomes.

A digital strategy is cross-functional effort, multidisciplinary, multidimensional planning; it brings up new functions, roles, collaboration, demand for intuition and emergence, complementarities, philosophy, neutron sciences, and trans-disciplinary businesses. And digital strategy execution is not linear steps, but an iterative continuum.

Interdisciplinary Cycle of Strategy Execution

InitiatechangeviaAccelerating the Variety of Business Cycles Running digital organizations are all about information savvy, adaptation, people-centricity, high-performance, and speed. Business management often has to spin multiple plates and keep them synchronized. The more complex the situation is, the more different approaches and role gaming is needed to reach for effective pattern-finding behind the “VUCA” new normal and drive the organizational change effectively. Forward-looking companies across vertical sectors are at the inflection point of digital transformation, they need to accelerate the variety of business cycles for catalyzing innovations and accelerating business performance.

InitiateInterdisciplinarycycle In face of frequent disruptions, exponential growth of information, organizations across vertical industries need to constantly “push themselves” out of their comfort zone to improve business agility, keep reinventing themselves, and adapt to changing environments promptly. The more effortlessly you can guide, align, integrate, and optimize important business elements such as people, process, technology and culture, enforce the variety of business management cycles, the closer you can accelerate business performance, and lift the business up to the hyper-cycle of digital transformation.

Implementation Rapid change is the business new normal, there are many roadblocks on the way of strategic planning-implementation. Corporate leaders today should navigate through complexity, velocity, uncertainty or ambiguity in a dynamic business environment. The planning and implementation as iterative processes that balance each other can produce meaningful outcomes.

InterdisciplinaryManagement The business dynamic today is full of uncertainty, velocity, complexity, ambiguity, fierce competition, and continuous disruptions. The digital paradigm has many dimensions. It is like solving a jigsaw puzzle with thousands of pieces, easy to get lost. Thus, digital leaders and professionals need to develop critical thinking skills for making logical reasoning and practicing multidisciplinary management scenarios skillfully.

Initiatestrategyimplementation A good strategy helps the organization get a step closer to its vision, maintaining its core purpose, gaining a competitive advantage in the market to ensure all key/strategic stakeholders' expectations are balanced and met and improving long-term sustainability of the business. In specific, the strategy has to set out how the goal will be delivered: what levers need to be pulled internally and externally and what the impact will be on a whole raft of stakeholders such as customers, staff, suppliers, shareholders, etc?

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