Fresh Pallet Fence Concepts For DIY Outdoor Spaces

A pallet fence is a multi-purpose solution for your outdoor surroundings. Outlining your property is easy with a pallet fence. The repurposed wood offers a decorative flare compared to traditional wood fences.

Pallet Fence

According to the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA), there are more than 1.8 billion pallets in service every day in the US. Ninety-three percent of these pallets are made from wood. and Over $400 billion worth of US trade is exported annually on wood pallets and containers.

A DIY pallet fence is a unique fence that offers charm and functionality. We’ll show a few ideas to inspire and provide enough confidence to make a pallet fence for your next DIY project

Before you build a pallet fence or patio surround, understand how they’re different from traditional wood fences. First, pallet fences are cheaper. A standard pallet fence doesn’t cost as much as a traditional fence in the same way a bicycle is cheaper than a motorcycle. 

Where Can I Buy Wood Pallets?

If you’re wondering where you can buy wood pallets, search for local sources. Search online first. On Google, search for “wood pallets near me.” Chances are you’ll find pallets on Craigslist and for no charge.  

When you find the wood pallets for your new fence, inspect them. The average weight of a wood pallet is between 30 and 50 pounds. Due to the cargo often carried by pallets, they often absorb hazardous chemicals and other harmful substances. It’s for this reason that it’s not advisable to burn pallet wood.

If you need to buy wood pallets, the average cost of a 40-inch by 48-inch new wood pallet is between $11 and $13. Each pallet is stamped with markings that indicate its physical composition and other important things. 

DIY Pallet Garden Fence Ideas

It doesn’t matter the size of your garden space. You can customize your pallet fence according to your garden. 

Farm Animal Pallet Fence

Pallet Fence DIY

Pallet fences were made for small animals. The fact that pallets are in constant supply and easy to replace are just two reasons why they’re ideal for containing farm animals. As a reliable fencing option, pallet fences are sturdy and fit well with steel posts.

Pallet Planters

Pallet Garden Fence DIY

Here’s a great example of how wood pallets offer multi-purpose functionality. The top of a wood pallet functions as a makeshift planter.

Small plants fit well at the top of a pallet. By design, it’s a match made in heaven. To learn more on how to use the wood tops as planters, visit the website link underneath the photo. 

Simple DIY Pallet Fence

Diy pallet fence with arcade

Here’s a super easy idea for a DIY fence filled with surprises. You could build a wood gate and trellis from the ground up. One idea is to use the framework to train plants to climb it.

Fence On Wheels

Movable pallet fence

The great thing about pallet gates and fences is how they’re in the same family. For a wood pallet gate, add wheels at the bottom so the pieces will be easier to move. Check out the ideas on the link underneath the photo for more information.  

Picket Fence

Simple pallet fence garden

A wood pallet picket fence is another super easy DIY project. The first thing you’ll need to do is take your pallets apart. Next, cut the wood according to your project.  

For more background on this idea check out the website adventurous-andersons. You’ll find other ideas and details for inspiring projects.

Garden Compost

Compost Bin Pallet Fence

If you have a garden, a pallet compost bin would be the best fit. Among DIY projects, this one is about as easy as learning how to ride a bike. 

Check out the tutorial on the website prodigalpieces for instructions and tips.

Playground Fence

Pallet Fence Garden DIY

Not all fences are the same nor they should be. You have to first consider the purpose that the fence should serve before you start making plans.

The example featured in Instructables delineates a playground space. 

Pallet Fence Gate

Pallet wood fence garden gate

On instructables you can also find instructions on how to build a gate. All you need is a wood pallet, jigsaw, drill, screws, and a door spring.

Design it to match your fence or make it stand out in your backyard. Staining or painting wood is always a good idea. 

Modern Patio Fence

Easy fence pallet diy

Check out this project from 1001pallets which shows you how to build a patio surrounded by horizontal boards, creating a simple and modern fence design. 

See-Through Pallet Fence

Cheap pallet Fence

Here’s an example from Hometalk. The see-through design doesn’t block the view. The wire mesh is a nice addition in this case. The gate matches the fence and blends when closed.

DIY Pallet Wood Fence

Pallet Fence from recycled pallets

Now let’s talk a bit about the fact that DIY projects are never perfect and there are always little details that let you know it’s a homemade craft.

Well in that case you might as well go with the flow and make your fence look imperfect.

You can find inspiration on 99palletideas where the fence boards are not parallel to each other and don’t even have matching lengths. 

Chicken Coop

A Chicken Yard

If you have a large garden and keep chickens in your home, you’ll love this pallet fence from Attainable Sustainable. It’s a simple way to create a cheap extension to your chicken coop without having to replace the structure. 

Pallet Garden Fence

A Garden Fence

You don’t need to have a large garden to take advantage of these projects today. This garden fence from Two Bears Farm has been created on a larger piece of land but can be scaled down to fit your needs.

Follow the instructions in the link to create a fence that looks like the one in the photo.

Halloween Pallet Fence

Halloween Pallet Fence

Instructables shares this fun Halloween DIY project. Wood pallets and Halloween go together like soulmates. They were born to be together. 

What Are Pallet Markings?

Pallets are made with treated wood. The trick is finding out what kind of treatment was applied to the pallet wood. There are over 100 pallet sizes in use worldwide. Each pallet has special markings indicating its composition and where it was used.

Debarked (DB)

“DB” stands for debarked. What this means is the bark of the tree was removed when the pallet was processed. The process is meant to ensure that the heat will have maximum impact on the wood when it’s being heat treated.

Heat Treatment (HT)

The initials “HT” stand for heat treatment. Pallets are heat treated to prevent bugs and parasites. During the heating process, the wood is heated at a minimum of 133 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.

Kiln Dried (KD)

Pallets marked “KD” were placed in a kiln to safeguard against pests. Kiln drying also prevents pallets from warping and fungus infections. Today, lumber mills kiln dry pallet wood at higher temperatures so the wood will be labeled KD-HT.

Sulphuryl Fluoride (SF)

The initials “SF” on a pallet means a fumigation method was applied as a biocide for wood packaging materials. The wood is a safer alternative to methyl bromide.  However, SF pallets should not be used for DIY projects or for burning fires at home. 


The letters stand for the type of wood the pallet is. “Spruce-Pine-Fir” is what most pallets are made from. You’ll find “SPF” marked on most pallets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Purpose Do Stone Filled Pallets Serve?

When building a DIY gravity wall or an insulated wall, stone filled pallets are preferred. A regular pallet filled with stone weighs on average 350 pounds. The stone-filled pallet functions as a stable structure comparable to a gravity wall. 

Why Is Chromated Copper Arsenate Used In Wood?

Chromated copper arsenate (CCA) protects wood from insects, wood rot, and microbial agents. The chemical wood preservative contains chromium, copper, and arsenic. CCA is used to pressure treat wood, prolonging its life by 20 years.

Can You Use Pallet Fences Indoors?

If you have the space, pallets help you divide your indoor areas. Split the pallets and connect the sides for a thin fence style. 

What Is A Smart Pallet?

Smart pallets are part of an Internet of Things (IoT) network that tracks and monitors usage. Equipped with IoT sensor data, a pallet’s condition and location are recorded.

Sustainable packaging and pallets will drive smart pallet market expansion. Today, most of the pallets are wood.

The pallets are the main contributors to municipal solid waste (MSW). Smart pallets utilize plastic, which makes them hygienic, less maintenance, and easier to clean than wooden pallets.

What Are Eco-Friendly Pallets Made With?

HDPE pallets use recyclable polymers. Plastic pallets offer greater durability and last longer than their organic counterparts, like wood.

Another advantage of HDPE pallets is how they weigh less. A lighter pallet means less load weight. They also relieve fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Also, HDPE pallets do not contribute to deforestation.

What Is A Pallet Pool System?

A pooling pallet system involves renting pallets. Pallet rentals benefit the environment. To ensure this, pallet businesses ensure to recycle their products when they have reached the end of their lifecycle. Each pallet enjoys a longer lifecycle.

A pallet pool system reuses pallet material. If a pallet breaks, repair it and use it again. In comparison, traditional pallet systems follow a business model that anticipates waste instead of sustainability.

How Do You Treat Pallet Wood For Outdoor Use?

When working with pallet wood for an outdoor project, the best thing would be to stain it first. Before you begin staining your pallet, you’ll need to break it down. After you break it down, you’ll be free to do whatever you want to it. You could even whitewash it if you wanted. 

Wrap Up

Wood reuse is an effective technique for reducing human impact on the landscape and additionally has much untapped potential in bringing economic, environmental, and cultural benefits to the field of landscape construction and design.

One problem with pallet furniture is how the pieces may look great on social media platforms, but in real life, they don’t live up to their images.

With wood pallet projects, approach them with caution. Andra DelMonico, lead interior designer at Trendey, said, “On social media and in pictures, pallet-wood furniture looks creative and comfortable with its large seating areas and plush pillows thrown on top. However, in real life, these sofas and chairs aren’t that comfortable.”

DIY projects and fence design are a perfect match. Whether you want to build a garden fence or a regular DIY fence, you can make it look however you want. You don’t need the big bucks for wood pallet projects, which is why this fencing option might be the best deal around.

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