44 Gifts for Introverts That’ll Help Them Recharge Their Batteries

Introverted humans—a category to which I proudly belong—are often misunderstood. It’s not that they prefer to be alone, it’s just that they need to balance activities that require extroversion, spending times in crowds, or anything that specifically drains their batteries with pursuits that help them recharge. Often, such activities just so happen to be done in solitude. With that in mind, the following is a list of 44 gifts for introverts—be they the social, thinking, anxious, or restrained type—that will help them recover their mental, physical, and emotional energy so they can ideally spend more time with you.

Even though they tend to be less motivated by external rewards, introverts still like receiving gifts, just like everyone else. Below, you’ll find a list of gifts for introverts, ranging from bath additives (including a book of DIY bathing potions) to self-care to self-pleasure and beauty products, plus much more. Keep reading to delight and surprise your favorite introvert this holiday season that’ll let them know you’re thinking about them—even when you’re apart.

Cozy gifts for staying at home

Photo: Bearby
Bearaby, Cotton Napper — $199.00

Weighted blankets are famous for their ability to quell bedtime anxiety, but they’re also just great for when you need a “hug” but aren’t totally keen on having human company. So if they don’t already have one, the introverts in your life could definitely benefit from this gift. Of all the weighted blankets in the world, Bearaby’s thick, oversized knit versions are the cutest and coziest IMO, making them well worth the investment.

Lunya, Lofty Wool Cardigan — $398.00

Available sizes: XS/S-L/XL

It’s nice to occasionally upgrade your indoor outfits, if for no other reason than the sake of your sanity. And this chic wool cardigan is many levels up from old sweats or a ratty, too-loved sweatshirt. It’s made from an itch-free, air-spun yarn that feels like a dream, and has a relaxed fit that’s ideal for layering over other comfy layers.

Sunday Citizen, Cascais Bath Robe — $145.00

Available sizes: S/M-L/XL

If your introvert is in need of a post-bathing upgrade, this plush robe is a top-tier choice. It’s made from the same cozy material as the company’s blankets, for which I also die. And the colors—*insert drooly face here.* There’s classic white and linen for those who prefer a timeless look, but also a cool, sea-inspired teal and moody gray that are gorgeous, too.

Mou Creston Slippers
Mou, Creston Slippers — $140.00

Available sizes: Women’s 6-10

Careful with these slippers—you’ll want to keep them for yourself. Mou’s cozy slips are pretty much like little sheeps for your feet, nestling your tootsies in the warmest, cushiest wool you’ll ever step in. The chunky embroidery and hygge look don’t hurt either.

Photo: Parachute
Parachute, Cozy Bootie — $59.00

Available sizes: XS-XL

You probably couldn’t go wrong gifting these to absolutely anybody, but the introverts in your life will be particularly thankful for these wearable little ankle hugs, which they can shuffle around/curl up in all season long.

Photo: Alo
Alo Foxy Sherpa Jacket — $198.00

Available sizes: XS-L

This super-soft teddy bear jacket falls under the cozy-but-not-schlubby category, so your introvert can feel put together by pulling it on to answer the door for their delivery food.

Aerie, CozyUp Waffle Quarter Zip — $49.00

Originally $70, now $49

Buttery soft. Swoon-worthy waffle texture. A little bit oversized. What’s not to love?

Available sizes: XS-XL

Slip Pillowcase & Scrunchie Set
Slip, Pillowcase & Scrunchie Set — $95.00

When the introvert in your life is resting and recharging, they could benefit from a silk pillowcase upon which to lay their head. These also help prevent bedhead and keep hair hydrated, and are better for your skin than cotton, too. Plus, they feel fancy. This set also comes with three silk scrunchies, to elevate their messy bun.

WSLY Eco Terry Classic Pocket Jogger
WSLY, Eco Terry Classic Pocket Jogger — $64.00

Available sizes: XXS-XXL

I’m constantly looking for the perfect sweatpants and sweatshirt, because honestly I can no longer live without spending 90 percent of life in soft clothes. If the introvert on your list is similar, this super soft, terry option definitely fits the bill and will make them feel more put together than less.

Snake Plant Laurentii
The Sill, Snake Plant Laurentii — $68.00

Since introverts tend to like more time at home than extroverts, decorative plants are always a win. This snake plant cuts a striking figure and will brighten up any room in which your gift recipient wants to curl up to recharge. It’s low maintenance, too, making it a great housemate.

Forvr Mood, Burr Candle — $38.00

For the introvert who likes candles more than people, Forvr Mood’s new Après Ski collection will bring them comfort and joy. Choose from seasonal scents inspired by the slopes, like “Burr”, a warm blend of clove, orange blossom, and patchouli, or “Mallow Dramatic”, which is as sweet as it sounds.

Self-care gifts

Photo: Dr. Jart+
Dr. Jart+, 10 Mask Must-Haves — $68.00

There are millions of sheet masks to choose from for at-home facials, but Dr. Jart+’s are some of the best in the biz, and this assortment pack will give your fave introvert 10, or one for each time they choose to leave the house (j/k, but as an introvert myself, only kinda!).

Herbivore Botanicals, Coconut Milk Bath Soak — $20.00

For a truly relaxing bath, pour this coconut milk bath soak (we recommend you pour right before you hop in) into hot water and feel it soften and hydrate skin. Made of vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, this formula actually contains coconut pulp and smells incredible.

The Handmade Soap Co. Bath Salts
The Handmade Soap Co., Bath Salts — $27.00

While there are many bath salts to choose from, these dead sea salts are so beautifully fragranced with lavender, rosemary, thyme, and mint that your gift recipient will feel like they’re submerged in a tiny ocean surrounded by a thriving garden. As an introvert myself, almost nothing sounds more heavenly than that.

Philips Sonicare, Prestige 9900 Electric Toothbrush — $300.00

Is an electric toothbrush the most glamorous gift? It is if it’s the Philips Sonicare Prestige, which is like the Birkin bag of toothbrushes. The aesthetics alone look like something you’d find in Bergdorf’s or Saks, complete with a sleek, design, frosted color palette, and trendy leather carrying case. As for the tech specs, it’s the practically the smartest toothbrush out there, equipped with the brand’s SenseIQ technology that adapts to your brushing style, so you can put your most sparkling smile forward.

Dame Pom Flexible Vibrator
Dame, Pom Flexible Vibrator — $95.00

Even introverts with otherwise full sex lives enjoy a little sexual self-care from time to time. This cute little vibrator was recommended to me by the company as a nice “beginner” toy, though it obviously does the trick for anyone at any stage in their erotic journey—and trust me, it does the trick(s)!

WTHN, Body Cupping Kit — $68.00

Cupping feels effing great, and sometimes that’s all anyone cares about when it comes to self care. Still, it offers legit benefits, too. The Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice increases circulation around the body, which in turn increases production of anti-agers like collagen and elastin. This body cupping kit also turns down the tension throughout the body, allowing users to get instant relief without ever leaving the comfort of their own home.

Photo: Ranavat
Ranavat, The Jewel Box: The Discovery Edit — $65.00

If the introvert in your life is a skin-care fanatic but hasn’t yet been introduced to this brand rooted in ancient Ayurvedic practices, this “discovery edit” will make an unforgettable first impression. It contains the line’s Saffron Brightening Serum, Fortifying Hair Serum, Luxurious Ceremony Cream Cleanser, Imperial Glow Facial Polish, Flawless Veil Resurfacing Saffron Mask, and Royal Tonique Hydrating Jasmine Mist.

Seaweed Bath Co Water lOtion
Seaweed Bath Co., Melt-In Water Lotion — $15.00

ICYMI, the fan-favorite Seaweed Bath Co. got a branding update, and the results are so chic. Even more, it released a line of melt-in lotions that absorb quickly into the skin, nourishing and hydrating without ever weighing it down. The perfect stocking stuffer for introverts, in our opinion.

Photo: Theragun
Theragun, Mini — $179.00

Making small talk with anyone can be miserable, and it’s even worse when you get a chatty masseuse. If the active introvert in your life fears this exact scenario, you can save them from ever having to face it by gifting them this mini massager. It’s a multitasking tool that can unravel even the tightest of knots in your muscles, relax you into better sleep, and even treat issues like carpal tunnel and plantar fasciitis.

Photo: Esker
Esker, Bath Board — $90.00

If the bath-loving introvert in your life hasn’t yet invested in a bath board, it’s time you help them drastically improve the quality of their tub time by gifting them with one. Here’s one that can hold tea (and by tea, I mean wine), a book or e-reader, beauty tools, or whatever it is they want in front of them while they soak.

Photo: Standard Dose
Wilde House, Paper Rituals + Wellness Journal — $28.00

Anyone who is also into wellness and self-care will be obsessed with this book. It has 75 pages for you to jot down your wellness intentions, mindful rituals, and free thoughts.

Photo: Vitruvi
Vitruvi, Beige Stone Diffuser — $123.00

You can’t beat a diffuser this pretty. It looks good, obviously makes things smell great, and a little aromatherapy never hurt anyone, especially if they’re trying to combat social overwhelm.

Photo: Orijin
Orijin, French Clay Infusion Scrub — $20.00

Your favorite bathing beauty’s water-centric me-time will be up-leveled considerably by the addition of this unique sponge, which is made from mineral-rich French clay, so it’s all natural, biodegradable, and can even help to unclog pores. The aesthetically appealing design is functional, too—it was created to fit perfectly in hand for ease of use.

Otherland, Alpine Crystal — $36.00

Awaken your senses with Otherland’s vibrant Alpine Crystal candle, which smells like the scented version of Taylor Swift’s “Bejeweled.” Think: Glistening juniper boughs, bright citrus, and shiny, icy tonic. Yes, please.

Food and drink gifts

Photo: Ullo
Ullo, Chill Wine Purifier — $90.00

This gift makes sense for introverted wine enthusiasts for obvious reasons. It purifies, aerates, and chills individual glasses of wine to allow for the highest-quality solo sips.

Hydroflask nice mug bundle
Hydroflask nice mug bundle
Hydroflask, Nice Mug Bundle — $101.00

This is the less cheugy version of a, “Don’t talk to me until I had my coffee,” poster, and way more functional, at that. It comes with four insulated mugs that keep coffee hot on the go, hand-picked by you to match your giftee’s favorite colors. Talk about sipping in style.

Driftaway Coffee, Coffee and Chocolate Pairing Box — $70.00

Speaking of coffee, fill their cups and their bellies with this coffee/chocolate combo from Driftaway Coffee. It doubles as a curated tasting experience, as its packed with three pre-measured coffees, three single-origin bars, tasting cups, a flavor wheel, and coffee cards with notes on each blend. Recipients can jump in on a pre-recorded tasting class to walk through the pairings and give their tastebuds a total treat at their leisure.

The Caker Espresso Dark Chocolate Cake Kit
The Caker, Espresso Dark Chocolate Cake Kit — $30.00

If your introvert is also a baker, he or she will love this unique cake mix. It contains semi-sweet chocolate, cocoa nibs, and Intelligentsia Black Cat espresso in the cake and icing mix. The result is a rich, delicious, and caffeinated cake that introverts can enjoy all to themselves.

Photo: Rise Gardens
Rise Garden, Personal Rise Garden — $349.00

Urban introverts who don’t have the luxury of outdoor space to call their own—but have a green thumb (or would like to, with the assistance of this easy-to-use technology)—will die for this little personal indoor garden. I have the larger size, and it’s literally my favorite possession. This tabletop version is small but mighty, too; it can grow herbs, veggies, and leafy greens.

Three Spirit, Blurred Vines - Spark + Sharp — $52.00

ICYMI, non-alcoholic drinks are very in right now, and for very good reason. These “alt-wines” from Three Spirit put a functional spin on the trend, fermented with active ingredients and adaptogens to give your brain a boost. Spark has a burst of natural caffeine, so it wakes you up without leaving you jittery, while Sharp is caffeine-free and inspires more focus.

Photo: Kroma
Kroma Wellness, OMG Cookie Butter — $25.00

If your introvert is a health nut with a sweet tooth, they will welcome this nutrient-dense “cookie butter.” It’s packed with antioxidants, healthy fats, plant protein, and just enough sweetness to satisfy your tastebuds. They can slather it on toast or eat it right out of the tub by the spoonful.

The Qi Special Connections Set
The Qi, Special Connections Set — $79.00

This set is made up of two small glasses, one glass server, and nine individual packed flowers you can brew for a warm cup of tea.  The flower teas are all organic, caffeine-free, non-GMO, and full of antioxidants. It’s a great antidote for any day that feels especially stressful.

Photo: Mello
Mello, Sea Salt Caramels — $50.00

These decadent sea salt CBD gummies are truly a treat. IMO, they’re the perfect post-dinner sweet-tooth-soother, because though they definitely contain sugar, the CBD balances it out for an overall calming effect. TBH, Anyone on your gift list would be stoked to received these, but they’re especially perfect for those who need to relax and recharge more regularly than others.

sunbasket tacos
Sunbasket, Subscription — $10.00

If you love to eat delicious food but don’t love going out to restaurants, a healthy meal delivery service is a great option. Sunbasket offers paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free eaters, and more options, and the menu changes weekly. Choose your meals, and either a heat and eat or meal kit will arrive at your door for a delicious night in.

Gifts for at-home activities

Photo: One Street Chai Co.
Ordinary Habit, Puzzle + One Street Chai Co. Bundle — $45.00

Puzzles may have gone mainstream during COVID lockdowns, but introverts have been stanning them since before it was cool. Your fave friend, family member, or colleague who requires solo time to recharge will love spending it putting these jigsaw pieces together over a steaming cup of chai tea.

coloring book
Drinking Animals Coloring Book for Adults — $8.00

Zone out and color with this delightful coloring book that showcases animals drinking cocktails. Each page has a cocktail recipe you can make so you have something to sip while you color. Trust us, it’s very soothing (and entertaining).

"Foolproof One-Pot" by Alan Rosenthal — $9.00

Any foodie will love staying home and cooking through this tasty cookbook by Alan Rosenthal. As the name suggests, the recipes are practically foolproof, made to simplify step-intense meal prep into delicious, one-pot dishes. With more than 60 mouth-watering vegetarian dishes to explore, they’ll be plenty satiated.

sony headphones
Sony, WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones — $348.00

The introvert in your life probably wants nothing more than to put on their headphones and zone out the world. Help them do that with these best-in-class noise-cancelling headphones that are super comfortable to wear, are totally wireless, and last for five hours straight.

Photo: Bookshop.org
"How to Break Up With Your Friends" by Erin Falconer — $20.00

As noted, and contrary to the beliefs of some non-introverts, our kind are not averse to people—we just need alone time as well as together time. But occasionally, everyone needs a little help extricating themselves from relationships that are no longer working, and this new book (which you’ll have to buy your bud on pre-order) from How to Get Sh*t Done author Erin Falconer can help them navigate just such a situation. And it’s not only about weeding out the bad ones, either; it offers wisdom on how to foster stronger, healthier friendships, too.

sand bala bangles
Bala, Bala Bangles — $55.00

If the introvert on your list is among those who have converted to an entirely at-home fitness routine, they will love a set of these wrist-and-ankle weights to progress their bodyweight workouts. They come in a variety of colors and are offered in one- or two-pound sets.

Photo: Amazon
"Cultish: The Language of Fantacism" by Amanda Montell — $22.00

For the introvert who watches every cult documentary and/or listens to every podcast. They will enthusiastically pore over this book in which writer and linguist Amanda Montell deep-dives into language used by not just proper cults, but also the pseudo-cults many of us have fallen prey to over the years. (I’m even anonymously quoted in the book talking about one such experience!) It’s a fascinating and eye-opening read that he/she/they will devour in one day in their cocoon.

Kindle Paperwhite
Amazon, Kindle Paperwhite — $140.00

For bookworm introverts, an Amazon Kindle can provide access to thousands of books and audiobooks, all on one slim device. It has an adjustable warm light so you can read comfortably at night curled up on the couch or in your bed, and the Kindle is waterproof so you also can read while soaking in the tub.

Masterclass — $15.00

Learn skills from experts, trailblazers, artists, entertainers and more, all without having to step outside the home. MasterClass has thousands of classes taught by world-class instructors. You can learn about entrepreneurship from Richard Branson, songwriting from Alicia Keys, comedy from Steven Martin, cooking from Gordon Ramsay, and more.

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