121 Weird And Tacky Examples Of How People With No Taste Executed Their Ideas Perfectly (New Pics)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? It can be hard to pinpoint exactly what makes someone, or something, attractive, but when it comes to design, there are many factors that can come into play. Personally, I’m a huge proponent of focusing on the positives, so even when something isn’t your cup of tea, there’s probably something nice you can say about it! If nothing else, “great execution” should do the trick.

Below, we’ve gathered some of the most perplexing pictures from the ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ subreddit, showing how people somehow managed to perfectly pull off tasteless ideas. Enjoy scrolling through this list that might make you feel conflicted as to whether or not you love or hate these pics, and keep reading to find a conversation we were lucky enough to have with lifestyle and fashion blogger Lorna Burford of Raindrops of Sapphire. And remember to upvote all of the photos that impress you (even if you would never want those things in a million years).

#1 This Cup. Kinda Cute Though…

Image credits: MiaMiaPP

If you’re not familiar with the Awful Taste But Great Execution subreddit, allow us to introduce you. The group has been around since August 2016, and it’s amassed an impressive 1.9 million members since then. The subreddit describes itself as “for everything that displays quality craftsmanship in the least elegant way possible”, and states that “all things gaudy, tacky, overdone, and otherwise tasteless” can be found there. “Work done so well, you won't know whether to love it or hate it,” the mods write in the group’s ‘About’ section.

While anything and everything can be found in ATBGE, there are certain topics that tend to come up more frequently. Common themes on the sub are Art, Automotive, Tattoo Tuesday, Fashion, Food, Decor, Home, Body Art, and DIY. And lucky for us, Bored Panda was previously able to get in touch with one of the group’s moderators to provide more insight into how it began in the first place.   

#2 When Realism In Design Crosses The Line

Image credits: CaVeRnOusDiscretion

#3 Behold... The Jelmet

Image credits: nmicrocosm

One of the moderators of Awful Taste But Great Execution previously told Bored Panda that the subreddit was initially made to be a spin-off of another sub called [Bad] Car Mods. “In the beginning, r/ATBGE focused heavily on automotive-related posts, but we knew doing this would potentially limit our user base,” the moderator explained. “To make r/ATBGE more appealing to the masses, we opened up the subreddit to include things beyond autos (tattoos, fashion, décor, etc.).” That’s when the community really started picking up traction.

“As we grew, moderators were added and subreddit rules were further refined,” they went on to explain. “Now we are here, and things are still looking good. We continue to add new subscribers each day, which is a good thing (considering we all do this for free).” And even after 7 years, the sub continues to grow, as it’s well on its way to reaching 2 million members soon.

#4 Would You Like A Cup Of Teeth?

Image credits: HarmoniumSong

#5 I Don’t Know What To Call This

Image credits: Silojm

#6 This Hat

Image credits: Intu24

Many of the things featured on this list fall into categories that are quite subjective: fashion, furniture design, product design, and tattoos. We know that we don’t all have the same taste, and life would probably be pretty boring if we did! But we wanted to learn more about how subjective fashion really is from an expert, so we reached out to England-based lifestyle and fashion blogger Lorna Burford. Lorna was kind enough to have a chat with us examining the idea behind something having ‘awful taste but great execution’. 

“I think [fashion] is objective and through the eyes of the individual, however, there are plenty of things I find tacky, tasteless, and disgusting, from my point of view, but others love them and wear them,” Lorna told Bored Panda. “Maybe this comes from them not knowing anything about fashion and how to style in an aesthetically pleasing way, as well as not having an interest in it, therefore it's a mess. But the fashion industry pushes the boundaries every single day and plenty of designers put looks on the runway that are awful - they just don't work, but people go along with it. So I think it's genuinely a mixture of both, as it's all individual and some people just follow along without really giving it a thought, just because it's 'cool'.”

#7 When Your Tattoo Looks More Like You Than You Do Yourself #tattootuesday

Image credits: EndersGame_Reviewer

#8 Horn Of Gondor

Image credits: danruse

We were also curious if there were any popular fashion trends that Lorna can’t stand. “I absolutely hate the balloon or horseshoe jeans trend!” she revealed. “What is this? Bowing out at the knees in the shape of a horseshoe? It's the most unflattering thing! It's also a pet peeve of mine when someone's leather jacket sleeves (or blazer sleeves) are down to their knuckles, instead of stopping at the wrist. I think it makes the entire outfit look ill fitted and sloppy.” Lorna even wrote a blog post about the horseshoe jeans trend on her second website, The Jeans Blog, that you can find right here.  

#9 Narcissist Much?

Image credits: Professional-Gear-39

#10 I Need Help Captioning This One…

Image credits: SDF5150

When it comes to outfits that had great execution but poor taste, Lorna says many of the street style looks during fashion week could fall into that category. “Everything is an expression of art and who can stand out the most, so I understand the concept, but sometimes the final looks are nothing but ridiculous,” she explained. “But because they're so ridiculous, it's 'cool'. Lady Gaga's old outfits are probably a prime example of this! But the execution works as they go into the finer details too. You can't fault the effort.”

#11 Someone Told Me It Belongs Here

Image credits: ThePunisher213

#12 Icy Haircut

Image credits: 69jmily69

Lorna also says that it’s always possible for something to go from tacky to fashionable if it’s executed well. “We have designers on the runway to thank for that,” she noted with a laugh. “Tiny denim mini skirts were a trend for so long, back in the early 00's, then they became extremely tacky, and now I've noticed that they're trending again. However, it's about styling them in a different way. No longer with Uggs/furry boots and tight cami tops, it's with sneakers or sandals and looser knitwear or blazers.”

“I think with 99% of items, it's all about how you style them,” Lorna added. “Speaking of big furry boots though, Gucci are bringing those back for FW23. They were featured throughout the runway show and are trying to make those ugly things work again. We will see where that goes!”

#13 Hope It’s Not A Repost

Image credits: hey-zeus01

#14 Excellent Design, Questionable Premise. Molar Of The Groom Wedding Ring

Image credits: BrokilonDryad

“The 90's had some awful trends and fits in terms of bagginess, but that's trending again,” Lorna went on to note. “Everything is oversized, everywhere. I don't really like it at all, however, because people are better at styling these days, it looks infinitely better than anything did in the actual 90's. So it really does come down to how you wear things and make them work for you.”

If you’d like to learn more about Lorna or gain some style advice from her, be sure to visit her website, Raindrops of Sapphire, right here

#15 10/10 Wood Wear

Image credits: heluhowyalldun

#16 Cherub Bobby Hill

Image credits: No-Association3574

#17 Heart Balaclava

Image credits: Xander395

Knowing how subjective taste is, Emilia Petrarca at The Cut recently attempted to get to the bottom of who has the best and the worst taste out there (as far as famous individuals go). She surveyed 850 readers, who determined that Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of good taste, and when it comes to who has the worst taste, Donald Trump was the winner, with Julia Fox coming in second. 47% of people surveyed also agreed that influencers have the most impact on deciding what is fashionable at the moment. And when it comes to colors, black was hands down deemed the most tasteful. So when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with that little black dress.  

#18 Questionable

Image credits: feiyuec2

#19 I Came Across This Magnificent Thing In Nashville, Tn

Image credits: Hutwe

#20 Impressive!!

Image credits: EnvironmentalLet7490

And while you might find some of the photos on this list to be absolutely tasteless, you’re not alone, but you might change your mind one day. It’s almost impossible to predict what will be in fashion in the future, but one thing we do know is that things go out of style quickly. When it comes to clothing in particular, Beccy Hill at Stylist UK says, “Good taste is defined by the wearer, and not the actual items themselves. People who are confident in themselves have always been able to have this effect on those less confident.” So if the execution is done well, either in the creation or in the styling and wearing, who are we to judge?

#21 My Most Recent Etsy Recommendation, Barefoot Sandals

Image credits: energyefficientghost

#22 The Great Wave Off Kanagawa On Body Hair

Image credits: feelsonline

#23 Taxidermy Bear Bed

Image credits: Ebonystealth

Are you becoming more open-minded in terms of your taste, pandas? Perhaps some of these tacky executions are starting to grow on you? Well, they probably aren’t, but we have to admit that they’re well done! Keep enjoying these shocking and confusing photos, and don’t forget to upvote the ones that required excellent craftsmanship. Then, if you’d like to find even more startlingly well done terrible ideas, you can find Bored Panda’s last article featuring the Awful Taste But Great Execution subreddit right here!

#24 The “Dragon Cut” Done At A Russian Pet Salon

Image credits: aewah4y4

#25 Y2k

Image credits: desertmamba

#26 Cute!!

Image credits: EnvironmentalLet7490

#27 Never Let Them Know Your Next Move

Image credits: rm8991

#28 Comic Sans

Image credits: hillydanger

#29 Perc Cake Perc Cake

Image credits: iitc25

#30 "Honey!? I'm Planning To Do Some Remodels To The Kitchen. How Texas You Want It!?"

Image credits: DefenderOfNuts

#31 30,000 Crystals Just To Look Like A Marvels Villain. (Doja Cat At Schiaparelli Fashion Show)

Image credits: __THE_TURTLE__

#32 A Homeowner Near Tampa Built A Gun-Shaped Pool At His House ... On Gunn Highway

Image credits: spook30

#33 Armoured Crocs…

Image credits: cricklecoux

#34 Oyster Nails

Image credits: leamii

#35 Drake’s “Outfit” Here. It Does Look Comfy Though…

Image credits: Artesian

#36 What In The

Image credits: CaptainYOLO151_REAL

#37 Why Not A Pair Of Illuminated Chandelier Earrings

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#38 Heel Supports

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#39 It's Probably Very Cold To Sit On

Image credits: BaronVonBroccoli

#40 Straight Off The Runway

Image credits: Standard-Ostrich61

#41 The Crocodile Rug Extension

Image credits: Imoneforsanity

#42 The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle For The Guy That Installs Wooden Flooring

Image credits: EndersGame_Reviewer

#43 Chinese BBQ Duck Gold Pendant

Image credits: chr15c

#44 Hulk Hands On This Car

Image credits: damndamon7

#45 This Corner Table At An Airbnb

Image credits: Gundam07

#46 Lonely And Decaffeinated? Do I Have The Solution For You!

Image credits: lysergic_818

#47 Metal Flip-Flop Serving Plates

Image credits: simon_sebastian

#48 I See Your Cigarette Nails And Bring You… Crochet Nails?

Image credits: The_Tell-Tale_Tart

#49 Hello Kitty Lash Extensions

Image credits: Koda_kola

#50 Platypus Tattoo

Image credits: CornPoofs

#51 This Is Extremely Well Done!

Image credits: EnvironmentalLet7490

#52 Hey, Kiss My Ass

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#53 Yours For A Little Over $1k

Image credits: canihazcheeze

#54 This Marge Simpson Shoe

Image credits: froopy_doo

#55 I Can't Help But Hate On This

Image credits: supfellowredditors

#56 Decor

Image credits: SniperidZe

#57 Kinda Hard Not To Like

Image credits: MexiKurd

#58 A Handbag, Resembling An Australian Supermarket’s Roast Chicken Bag

Image credits: twcau

#59 Full Back Tattoo Of The "Holy Trinity Of Music": Jimi Hendrix...taylor Swift...carly Rae Jepson

Image credits: capobeira

#60 Rugged Warrior

Image credits: Awkward_Buddy7350

#61 Seen On Facebook Marketplace. The Sewing Of These Took Some Real Talent

Image credits: gingercat04

#62 Shoe-Shi

Image credits: theoriginalakkrune

#63 Bubble Mo-Beetle

Image credits: OkieDokieArtichokee

#64 Who Commissions Things Like This?

Image credits: IndividualwMinute

#65 Man Wearing 4 Kilos Of Gold Shirt Costing Over $200,000

Image credits: decreasinglyverbose

#66 Am I Too Late For Meat Grinder Lamp Posting?

Image credits: gunmedic15

#67 Turf Truck

Image credits: xXOxifiedXx

#68 Permanent Soot Hands

Image credits: vrphotosguy55

#69 Game Of Horns

Image credits: fairwayfairy

#70 Tinkling Doggos

Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#71 Really Well Done And Pointless

Image credits: BoymanAndGirldog

#72 This Chain Owned By A Drug Dealer In Brazil

Image credits: Zeca_Pagodinho_13

#73 “They See Me Roman... They Hatin’”

Image credits: BehindRestore911

#74 French Braid On A Yorkie

Image credits: oireisen

#75 Wife Just Sent Me This Pic Of A Great Execution

Image credits: ASupportingCharacter

#76 Mushroom Car

Image credits: unpottedBloom709

#77 New Doo

Image credits: SickPuppyxl

#78 Toyuzzi Or Poolyota?

Image credits: vampeta_de_gelo

#79 Dollar Bill And Coins Epoxy Toilet Bowl Seat And Lid

Image credits: WarlikeGuardian

#80 Mcdonald’s Covered In Giant Yarn

Image credits: QuicklyThisWay

#81 Life Sized Disco Mirror Horse

Image credits: Hutwe

#82 Granted The Pie Is Very Cute, But…

Image credits: catsncupcakes

#83 Amigurumi "Cactasses"

Image credits: Rennfan

#84 Coffin Chair

Image credits: l_ur_ker

#85 Cobra Boots Anyone?

Image credits: Ideal_Jerk

#86 Fancy-Pants Jacket

Image credits: L-_-3

#87 This Bunny-Chair I Saw While Window-Shopping

Image credits: Renbaer

#88 V8 Crochet

Image credits: voxktrot

#89 Is It Bad I Kind Of Want To Buy It?

Image credits: T_Griff22

#90 Sandwich-Style Wrapping Paper!

Image credits: alazystoner420

#91 I Bet Their Taste In Music Is Trash

Image credits: Numinexxus

#92 Someone Made Custom Buzz And Woody Figures…

Image credits: TrueGingey

#93 Was Told To Post This Here. Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea In R/Shittycarmods. But It’s Getting Noticed For The Quality Work. Seen In Downtown Nashville

Image credits: Mantiseyeballs

#94 Leather Bed

Image credits: Beneficial-Radio-289

#95 How’s The Weather Up There

Image credits: 4reddityo

#96 When You Want To Make A Grand Entrance At The Christmas Party

Image credits: Elfiih

#97 A Shooooooooooe

Image credits: itstht1dudeovrthere

#98 This Organ Made Out Of Exhaust Pipes

Image credits: ugogilbert

#99 Southpaw's Dream Watch

Image credits: sasek

#100 This Golf Cart A Local Dealership Is Trying To Sell…

Image credits: Crusset

#101 This Bathroom. (I Think It's Somewhere In China)

Image credits: Emergency_Repeat6714

#102 This Hand Carved Staircase

Image credits: Gainsborough-Smythe

#103 Cute Yet Also So Wrong

Image credits: VavaVoooooooooom

#104 I Have Awful Taste And Love This Machine. If It Was 4-5k It Would Be Mine, Just Can’t Justify 10k. Link To Chicago Craigslist In Comments. It’s Terrible And Beautiful. One Of You Must Buy It, Please!

Image credits: lefty3445

#105 I’m In A Craft Group On Fb And A Lady Posted Her Newport Dresser She Painted. Comments Told Her To Make A Marlboro One Next

Image credits: Raccoon_Army_Leader

#106 This Dissected And Mounted Furby Pet

Image credits: rosseepoo

#107 Heart-Shaped Car

Image credits: --melancolia--

#108 New Fashion Line Coming Soon!

Image credits: gayminer69er

#109 Turtle Shell Bass Guitar

Image credits: masterfade86

#110 Found This In A Thrift Store. It’s A Cotton Shirt But The Design On It Is Photographs Of Jeans. $500

Image credits: moshpitjoe1

#111 Of All Pokémon, Why Bidoof

Image credits: proudmouth

#112 This Ferrari I Saw In A Motorshow

Image credits: KingMedieval

#113 Cowboy Chair And Ottoman

Image credits: g00dis0n

#114 This Ugly, But Incredible Haircut

Image credits: superfleh

#115 These Guitars

Image credits: drunk-astronaut

#116 Hotwheels Irl

Image credits: DestinyDroid

#117 A Hellraiser Playground

Image credits: ral365

#118 Doc Marten Handbag

Image credits: gandralph

#119 A Toilet Does Have A Large Cavity, But This Isn't Quite What I Had In Mind

Image credits: EndersGame_Reviewer

#120 Thanksgiving Dinner… Earrings?

Image credits: SnooPoems5888

#121 If The Interior Of My House Was A Car

Image credits: EnvironmentalLet7490