Your bedroom is your sanctuary, where every day begins and ends

As such, it should be stylish, relaxing, and uncluttered. All too often, bedrooms become a catch-all for things that don’t have a place, closets, and dressers become overstuffed with clothes that are no longer worn, and items get crammed under the bed where they’re eventually forgotten. That’s why we compiled 40 of our favorite bedroom organization ideas to help you get started.

From furniture that adds style and storage, to ideas for maximizing space and tabletop decor to keep trinkets and treasures in order, you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks for decluttering your space and DIY room organization projects to create the bedroom of your dreams.
1. Stylish Shelves

Shelves are always an essential element in bedroom organization. And, while standard wood shelving is practical and useful, modern design trends call for unique shelving that serves as storage space and adds to your room’s decor. A collage of wall cubes, floating wall shelves, or a tall narrow shelf will utilize wall space in a way that blends form with function and serve as the perfect place to display favorite photos.
2. Out With The Old
If getting organized is the goal, your very first step should involve cleansing closets and purging piles. It’s easy for drawers to fill up with clothes we don’t wear and the back of the closet to become packed with boxes of who-knows-whats and haven’t-seen-it-in-years. Start your organization project by getting rid of things you no longer need, clothes that no longer fit, and items that only add clutter.
3. Under The Bed Storage
All too often, that extra space under the bed becomes an abyss of dust bunnies and forgotten items. But it’s the perfect place to store seasonal clothing, shoes worn less often and extra bedding. If you use a bed skirt, see-through storage totes with lids will do the trick. Or, if beneath the bed is exposed, use this opportunity to add a touch of design with wicker baskets, stylish wooden boxes, or vintage suitcases. Attach casters to make them easy to push and pull as needed.
4. Edit As You Go
Here’s an easy organization solution that will help you avoid the dreaded annual purge—edit as you go! Keep a box or bin in your closet, especially for items you no longer want. Tried on a pair of pants and decide you no longer like the fit? Toss them in the box. Discovered an earring is missing its mate? Into the bin it goes. At the end of each month, pull out the box and donate or throw away the contents.
5. Not Just For Shoes
They may be called shoe holders, but pocket-style shoe storage organizers can be used to sort, store and organize anything that will fit in its pockets. Fill pockets with socks that are organized by style and color. Use them to organize makeup and skincare products. Fill pockets with scarves, belts, and accessories. And, of course, they can be used to organize shoes, too!
6. Headboard Storage

In most bedrooms, the headboard is largely decorative. But, when looking for unique ways to organize your bedroom—especially if you have a small room—a headboard can be the perfect place for adding extra storage space. A bookcase headboard is a great way to organize books and display trinkets and treasures while modern-designed storage headboards keep a sleek appearance while concealing hidden storage space with pull-out drawers and shelves.
7. Put Up Pegboard
Create a pegboard wall for a completely customizable organization plan in your bedroom. As small as the back of a door or as large as an entire wall, a simple pegboard can be painted to match your walls or in a corresponding shade to add a pop of color. Add hooks, pegs, baskets, and shelves and arrange as needed to fit everything from jewelry to handbags, shoes, and knick-knacks.
8. Dual Purpose Furniture
Design a dreamy bedroom using furniture and accent pieces that serve double-duty for both style and storage. Add seating and space with a storage bench and opt for nightstands with ample room for stashing stuff. Allowing your furniture to provide form and function will help to keep your sanctuary organized and uncluttered.
9. Elevate Your Mattress
Create a luxuriously cozy bed while adding space for storage by elevating your mattress with bed risers and organizing items below. Among the easiest of bedroom storage ideas, added space below the bed is the perfect place to keep things used less often out of sight and out of the way. Organize seasonal stuff and rarely used items under a guest room bed to keep them safely tucked away until they’re needed.
10. Keep Cords Tidy
Keep a clean and streamlined look to bedside tables while charging cell phones, tablets, and other electronics by turning your nightstand drawer into a charging station. Organize unsightly cords and chargers but keep them within easy reach by hiding a power strip inside the drawer. Depending on how the nightstand is constructed, you may be able to thread the power cord up through the bottom and behind the drawer, or you may need to cut a small hole in the drawer back—either way, this will be one organization hack you’ll love to use.
11. Storage Bench

For organizing a bedroom, a storage bench is a great multi-purpose option. It’s easy to make yourself if you want a DIY project. Perfect as a footboard bench or window seat, drawers or basket storage space help keep the room clutter-free, plus provide a cozy sitting area.
12. Categorize Your Clothes
Rather than treat your closet and dresser as a catch-all for clothes, keep your wardrobe neat and tidy by organizing your clothes by category. Hang jeans with jeans, put blouses with blouses, and keep t-shirts with t-shirts. Not only will your clothes stay orderly, but you’ll also save valuable time getting dressed each day when you know exactly where to look for that specific article of clothing.
13. Open To Organization
Use over-the-door organizers to keep small items out of the way but within easy reach. Over-the-door organizers can include simple hooks for hanging robes and towels, a shoe organizer for keeping footwear in order, or adjustable baskets for storing any and everything. The biggest benefit to over-the-door organizers is that they’re easy to install and provide the perfect place for odds-and-ends.
14. Create A Gallery Wall
Instead of cluttering nightstands and dressers with bulky frames, free up space and create a meaningful display by hanging favorite photos on bedroom walls. A collage of framed photos or a gallery wall of canvas prints adds a personal touch to your space while keeping shelves and tabletops clean and uncluttered.
15. DIY Drawer Organizers
You don’t need to spend a lot to stay organized. In fact, with a little creativity, it’s easy to craft your own drawer organizers using items you’ve already got at home. Strips of cardboard from an upcycled box, slices of PVC pipe, cups, and containers of various sizes can all be used to keep drawers tidy and their contents organized and easy to find.
16. Use Your Corners

Most bedrooms have at least four corners, and they’re all too often left empty and unused. Corners can actually be perfect for creating stylish and functional storage solutions. Furniture designed especially for corners will maximize the space when it comes to small bedroom decorating, and corner shelves make excellent use of valuable vertical space.
17. Mounted Baskets
Baskets are a quintessential item for any organization project. While they’re always useful when placed on shelves or pushed under the bed, another great way to make use of baskets is to mount them to your walls. Choose several sturdy baskets that match your room design, like natural wicker, decorative fabric or colored felt, and screw or nail directly to your wall. Hang beside a desk to keep office supplies organized, hang in a closet to store socks, belts, and scarves, or hang beside a vanity to keep makeup brushes and palettes neatly organized.
18. Hook It Up
One of the most versatile and useful tools for organizing any room in the house, hooks are especially helpful in the bedroom. Inexpensive and adjustable hooks that don’t require nails or screws and won’t damage walls are perfect for organizing lightweight items like jewelry or hats. Decorative hooks add sophistication and style while being sturdy enough to hang heavier items like blankets and backpacks. And, over-the-door hooks are perfect for robes or towels.
19. Bedside Caddy
A sweet and simple bedside caddy creates the perfect place for keeping everyday items easily accessible yet totally organized and out of the way. A bedside caddy simply slips under your mattress and hangs onto the side of the bed. Use this easy organizational tool to hold your cell phone or tablet, the book you’re currently reading, and your remote control and keep your nightstand clean and uncluttered.
20. S-Hook Hangers
Maximize storage space and organize all kinds of items using versatile and affordable S-hooks. Hook the s-shaped metal hangers on a closet rod or wire shelving to hang hats, scarves or belts. Use the versatile hooks to hang jeans by their belt loops to save space in a small closet. Or, use them to hang purses and bags, jewelry, and even strappy sandals from a tension rod—the organization possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
21. Hang Jewelry As Art

You’ve got a gorgeous collection of jewelry, why not put it on display even when you’re not wearing it? Create a functional jewelry organizer that doubles as stylish DIY bedroom decor. Hang wooden dowels or metal grates from the wall. Wrap bracelets and watches around the pieces and hang necklaces from the ends. Or, hang chains and pendants from a trendy set of mounted deer antlers hung above your dresser.
22. Add Overhead Storage
When it comes to bedroom organization, furniture, and storage solutions that take up floor space are the most popular choice. While effective and functional, these solutions don’t always make use of all the available overhead space in the room. When looking for additional bedroom organization ideas, look up! A high shelf that circles a bedroom is the perfect place to display collectibles and floating shelves above the bed safely. They’re great for books, photo frames, or room decor.
23. Lazy Susans
Organization isn’t just about saving space and storing your stuff. It’s important that things be easy to find and accessible, too. To make the most of your shelf and tabletop space, incorporate lazy Susans into your bedroom organization ideas. Keep makeup, brushes, and accessories in organizers on one of the rotating trays on your vanity. Use one on a shelf to keep assorted lotions and perfumes easy-to-reach with a quick spin. Or create a shoe carousel to maximize closet space while keeping footwear organized and accessible.
24. Rolling Cart Organizers
Rolling carts are a clever way to organize your every day and multipurpose items and add a hip industrial style to your decor. As a cool alternative to the traditional nightstand, a rolling cart can be stacked with books on your current reading list, a catch-all tray for pocket items, or an extra blanket for a late-night chill. Also great for folks that like to knit, crochet, or craft in bed, rolling carts make it easy to move stuff around the house while keeping it accessible and organized.
25. Baskets And Bins
Use a variety of baskets and bins on shelves, under the bed and around the bedroom to neatly organize items of all shapes and sizes. A large wicker basket is ideal for storing extra pillows, bedding, and blankets. A row of bins on a closet shelf is perfect for keeping socks, undies and camisoles organized. And, a row of baskets hung beside a desk makes it easy to keep office supplies orderly and accessible.
26. Optimize Closet Space

A clutter-free and tidy bedroom starts with a well-organized closet. Instead of the standard single shelf and rod, optimize your closet to make use of all available space. Add another layer of hanging space by doubling up on rods. Incorporate closet storage solutions like shoe racks, drawers, and extra shelving. Go even further and organize shelves with baskets and bins that hold smaller items.
27. Tension Rod Shoe Rack
Looking for an easy solution for organizing shoes? A tension rod shoe rack is always the right size and easy to fit into any available space. Simply adjust and mount two tension rods—one a few inches in front of the other—to DIY this functional storage solution that keeps shoes organized, in order and off the floor.
28. Label It
Once you get your bedroom, cabinets, and closets organized, it’ll be important to keep them that way. The easiest way to stay organized and prevent clutter from recurring is to label, label, label! Use chalkboard labels for temporary items or containers with ever-changing content and use tags or adhesive labels on baskets and boxes. When clearly labeled, it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for when you need it and to put things away in their proper place when you’re done with them.
29. Stackable Solutions
Organization is only truly effective if your stuff is accessible, too. For example, you may have your shoes organized in dozens of clear plastic shoe boxes, labeled and stacked in the closet. But if the pair you want to wear is buried under a stack of boxes that must first be moved, are they really all that organized? Be sure to use stackable solutions that are accessible, like stackable boxes that open like drawers or stackable bins with openings on the front.
30. Upcycle Magazine Holders
There are countless ways to repurpose magazine holders to organize items in any room in the house. And because they’re available in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials, it’s no problem finding a magazine holder that matches your bedroom decor seamlessly. The versatile open-ended boxes lined up on a closet shelf are perfect for organizing flip flops or flats, wallets and clutch purses. On a vanity, a magazine holder makes a perfect organizer for curling irons and hair straighteners. Or, on a nightstand, they’re a great place for keeping books, tablets and remote controls from cluttering your tabletops.
31. Leaning Ladder

For a trendy bedroom design idea that’s also great for keeping organized, simply lean a sleek and stylish ladder against a wall. The rungs can be used to hang blankets and throws or add S-hooks to hang hats, jewelry, handbags, and more. For a rustic look, dismantle and repurpose an authentic wooden ladder. Or, for a more contemporary look, craft one from dowel rods and plywood and paint to match your bedroom decor.
32. Paper Towel Bracelet Stack
If you’re looking for a clever way to keep bracelets organized, head to the kitchen for a paper towel holder. Inexpensive and versatile, a paper towel holder makes the perfect place to stack and store bracelets, bangles, cuffs, and watches. Whether you choose a decorative stand-up holder or one that’s meant to be mounted to a wall, the shape and size make them ideal for displaying beautiful bracelets.
33. Bookcase Room Divider
When organizing a bedroom, space is often at a premium. Luckily, it’s easy to add storage and style with a bookcase that doubles as a room divider. Add ample space for books, baskets, and decorative items while cozying-up your space or creating privacy with an open bookcase that’s accessible from either side.
34. Don’t Ignore The Door
You’ve got a blank canvas of available organization space right on the back of your bedroom door—don’t be afraid to use it! Mount towel bars to drape blankets or hang up tomorrow’s outfit. Attach hooks, baskets, and mini bins to stash jewelry, hats, and bags. Or, mount your mirror on the back of the door so it’s easy to give a quick glance before heading out. Utilizing your bedroom door adds organization space that’s easy to access but out of the way.
35. Glass Jar Displays
Display small and medium-sized items in lidded glass jars on tabletops, bookcases, and shelves. Small jars are perfect for keeping cotton balls, buttons, or tiny odds-and-ends in order. A row of large lidded jars is a stylish way to organize scarves and belts or makeup brushes and hair accessories. The glass makes it so you can easily see what’s stored inside.
36. Color Coordinated Organization

While it seems like such a basic storage idea, drawer organizers are a super easy and incredibly effective way to keep drawers orderly and uncluttered. Keep intimates in order with an underwear organizer, keep folded clothes from becoming jumbled with drawer dividers, and keep miscellaneous items from rolling around in a nightstand drawer with an assortment of drawer containers.
37. Keep Tabletops Clear
Clutter is the archnemesis of organization. With that in mind, keep tabletops, desks, dressers, and nightstands clear of clutter using desk caddies, pen cups, and catch-all trays. When getting (and staying) organized, think of clever off-label ways to use items. For example, a pencil cup works equally as well for keeping makeup brushes organized, and a desk caddy can be perfect for keeping eyeshadow palettes and nail polish bottles neat and tidy.
38. Wall Cubbies
A modern way to organize items, add style, and display knick-knacks, wall cubbies are a trendy twist on traditional shelves. Hang on the wall by your flat-screen TV to store DVDs or video games, hang above your desk to display favorite photos and organize books, or hang in the closet to keep small items organized and in their place.
39. Make Use Of Magnets
If you need an easy way to organize small items, make use of magnets. Hang a metal sheet on the wall, above your dresser, desk or vanity, and use magnets, magnetic hooks, or magnetized baskets to stash and store small items like makeup and jewelry. Or, attach a metal sheet to the underside of a shelf and use baby food jars with magnetic lids to organize small items like buttons, safety pins, and hair ties.
40. Upcycled CD Racks
As we move deeper into the digital age and no longer store stacks of CDs at home, make use of those old CD storage racks to organize items in the closet and on shelves. CD racks are the perfect size for keeping wallets and clutch purses in order. They can be used to organize makeup palettes on your vanity. Or, mounted to the wall, use an old wire CD rack to create a cool and clever “invisible” floating bookshelf.

When it comes to organizing your bedroom, remember to incorporate ideas that keep your space clear of clutter, promote a relaxing environment, and allow you to express your personal style in creative ways. Keep in mind certain practices like feng shui, and you’re sure to have calming, tidy space.

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