Ring In The New Year With Clutter-Free Closets

Clutter-free closets for the whole family would go a long way toward achieving an organized home in the new year. If you cant quite imagine what that would even look like, thats understandable since each closet will be different.
  • Dad needs space for business suits and weekend wear
  • Kids will need easily accessible storage so they can manage their own things
  • Mom needs space for accessories that change with the seasons to keep her dressing in style
Tailored Living can help ensure that every family member has the closet they need to stay organized and clutter-free with a custom closet organization system combining cabinets, drawers, hanging space, shelves, and closet accessories.

Everything in a closet needs its own space or it becomes clutter

Custom closet storage systems to eliminate clutter

Every closet has at least one hanging rod that accommodates the easy-to-store pieces shirts, blouses and jackets that neatly fit on hangers. Everything else runs the risk of becoming clutter. Shoes piled on the floor (loose or in boxes), discarded crumpled jeans, one-more-wear T-shirts or tops, socks, pajamas, and scarves can all contribute to an unruly closet. An effective closet will have storage solutions and closet accessories for everything a wardrobe consists of from formal wear to Superhero socks so favorite clothes dont get reduced to closet clutter.

Pants racks for dress slacks or jeans

Organize your entire pants wardrobe in minimum space for easy accessibility and maximum care

Any closet stays neater when like items are hung together and pants arent mixed in with tops, dresses or jackets. Custom pants racks allow you to maximize the space required to keep all your pants wrinkle-free and ready to wear. For men and women, jeans, dress slacks, yoga pants or athletic pants can be properly maintained with pullout pants racks. All your pants are in one place and the cushioned hangers prevent wrinkles and securely hold each pair, so they dont slide off the hanger.

Eliminate shoe clutter from the closet

Protect and display your shoes so you can find exactly what you need

Stationary shoe shelves or pullout wire shoe racks make it easy to manage a wardrobe of shoes whether one dozen or a dozen-dozen pairs! One pullout shoe rack can fit in the space of a shelf and neatly hold 10 pairs of shoes. Have one rack for casual shoes and sandals and one for dressy. Shoe shelves can be as extensive as needed, including floor-to-ceiling storage for the familys shoe aficionado.

Folded items stay folded on shelves

Open shelves are ideal for folded clothes that dont require hanging but do need to stay tidy

Shelves with dividers can organize stacks of folded jeans, T-shirts or sweaters. You can see at a glance whats ready to wear making it effortless to put an outfit together. Shelves also accommodate hats, bags or purses and specialty shelves can hold accessories like watches, sunglasses, wallets, and keys. Low shelves make getting dressed easy for kids as well as putting away their own clean clothes.

Specialty racks and decorative hooks

Create fool-proof storage with custom storage racks and decorative hooks

Small things tend to get lost in closets. Ties and scarves disappear and belts slither away like snakes and wind up in the strangest places. Specialty accessory racks for ties, belts, and scarves can keep your necessary accessories front and center. Decorative hooks provide immediate organization for robes, pajamas, or that shirt youll wear one more time before laundering, keeping them quickly retrievable when needed and easy to put away.

Custom jewelry drawers protect your investment

Ensure safety for your finest accessories with custom drawers and dividers

With few exceptions, everyone loves a little bling and precious metals and gemstones are an investment. Gold, silver, pearls, diamonds, and sapphires require special handling to preserve them and our velvet-lined jewelry drawers ensure safety for all your jewelry. Lucite drawer inserts can organize costume pieces so you can keep collections together and prevent tangled chains, missing earrings, and broken pieces. Custom drawer dividers are available to organize ties, scarves, socks, and lingerie as well.

No excuse for piled dirty clothes with integrated laundry hampers

An integrated laundry hamper will eliminate a major cause of closet clutter

Arguments about getting the dirty clothes into the hamper are legendary. For family harmony and less clutter, the solution is an integrated laundry hamper right in the closet. Its just as easy to drop the dirty clothes into the hamper as on the floor and the lift-out lining makes laundry day a breeze. Even little ones can develop the habit of using a hamper instead of the floor for their dirty clothes.

Custom closet solutions for the way you live

Closet solutions are available in a range of colors and styles to match your homes dcor and each users personal preference

Tailored Living is ready to help you make 2020 the year you eliminate closet clutter! Our innovative, custom closet organizers will make all your closets more user-friendly and clutter-free. Whether large walk-in or standard reach-in closets, we can maximize closet space to accommodate exactly what needs to be stored and keep your entire family organized. Call 866-641-8958 (US) or 866-973-8221 (CAN) today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to www.tailoredliving.com to find a designer near you. As whole home organization specialists, we also offer innovative storage solutions for every area of your home, including home offices, pantries, laundry rooms, family rooms, and garage storage cabinets and garage flooring.

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