Reese Witherspoon Has Us Rethinking the Jewelry Organizer of Our Youth

If you have enough jewelry to justify a designated organizer, odds are you owned a dainty tabletop stand at some point or anotherperhaps you got one as a gift years ago or bought one for your college dorm room. Ah, the good old days. But inevitably, as your collection grows, displaying everything on a few little hooks doesnt make sense anymore. Eventually, you turn to a dresser drawer or multitiered box instead.If you asked us any other time, we would have told you the standing racks are more of a nuisance than anything else, butReese Witherspoonreminded us on Sunday that they can still be a practical solution.

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The truth: This type of organizer is most useful in multiples, which allows every type of bauble to have its own domain. While getting ready for the Vanity Fair Oscar party on Sunday night, the Big Little Lies actress posted a photo from her home dressing room. On the counter, we spotted her earrings hanging from a gold arched screen. The now sold-out organizeris from PB Teen, of all places, and features two perforated ends (for securing studs) and a central panel with four bars for hoops and dangling designs. And thats not her only jewelry holder on displayinaddition, Witherspoon appears to have little dishes for her rings and a handful of T-shaped receptacles for necklaces.

With this degree of separation, nothing will ever go missing or get tangled. What a gem.

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