Mom's are the best and you want to be able to find the best gifts for mom that they will use over and over again.

Let's be real though. Finding Christmas gift ideas for Mom can be really freakin' hard.
Whether she already has everything or doesn't want *anything* (which like really - this makes it way harder for us) we've got you covered.
 Best part, almost all of these gift ideas for Mom are on Amazon (you're welcome).
This post is all about the best Christmas gift ideas for Mom.
Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom: 1. Chic Makeup Organizer  Makeup is most mom’s best friend, right? I mean where do all girls learns about makeup from? From their moms.
Whether your mom is a big makeup user or likes to organize her belongings in a pretty way, this is for her. Plus, it's under $50 and looks WAY more expensive. Win-win. 
4. Slippers  Slippers are a girls best friend in the morning. They make your feet feel cozy while you wake up and what’s better than that?
Slippers are a great Christmas gift for mom and something that she can put on right away.
I've owned both of these slippers and LOVE them. So soft and comfortable.
5. Coffee Frother  I just found out about this little gadget and let me tell you, I am hooked. So, I know that your mom will be too! 
All moms have to start their day with a latte or a cappuccino, right?! If you make it at home, sometimes it's hard to get the consistency of the milk just right. This coffee frother helps get drinks as perfect as if it were made in a coffee shop. 
7. Insulated Stemless Wine Glass  PSA! These are less than $10 dollars and come in a million colors.
For any momma that loves one, she needs one of these.
2. Jewelry Box  We all learned about jewelry from ours moms as well. Often times we see it hanging or in trays and kind of all over their bathroom and bedroom right? It’s never all in the same spot, and we know that it would be such a lifesaver for them if it were. 
So, a great christmas gift idea for mom is a jewelry box! This one on Amazon is big enough to fit all of her jewelry in one place so that she never has to search for jewelry ever again! 
3. New Makeup Brushes  Continuing on the cosmetics train, new makeup brushes are such a great Christmas gift idea for mom! I bet she hasn’t thought of buying new makeup brushes in forever, so this sweet and inexpensive gift will mean the world to her! 
{RELATED POST: 17 Best Gifts According To College Students} 6. Electric Water Kettle  My assistant was gifted one of these when she moved into her first apartment, and she can’t stop saying enough good things about this! It’s an electric water kettle that heats up various amounts of water in a couple of minutes. 
This is the perfect christmas gift idea for moms that love to cook because it heats up water for boiling in no time. Mom’s love to save time since they do so much, so I promise that she will love getting this gift from you! 
8. A Bottle (or two) of her Favorite Wine  Speaking of wine, a great go to Christmas gift idea for mom when you’re in a time crunch is to go and grab a couple bottles of her favorite wine as her gift! It’s one that she will love, because she already loves it! 
9. Candles Candles are such a great go-to gift for anyone, moms included. Moms love to host or just have the house feeling nice and cozy, and candles certainly add to that. 
Most candles also do not break the bank, so this is a great Christmas gift idea for mom that will definitely be within your budget! 
10. Candle Holder  If you decide to get your mom candles for Christmas, spice up your gift by adding a candle holder to the mix, too! Then it will look like you really thought it out! 
{RELATED POST: 15 Extremely Cute Dorm Decorations To Copy This Year} 11. AirPods AirPods are all the rage for the younger generation, but I think that they should be “in” for the parents too!
Mom would love AirPods for so many reasons, and I think the cordless feature would peak at the top of its list. So if you have a little extra to spend on your dear ole mom this Christmas, definitely consider AirPods! 
12. Shoes Shoes are a great Christmas gift idea for mom because let's be real, a mom can NEVER have enough shoes! So if you want a gift that you know your mom will love, shoes are the way to go! 
But you might be wondering what shoes to get her. Totally understandable, here’s a pro tip: check in her closet and see if anythings missing or try and recall past conversations, that should help you figure out what shoes mom would love most for Christmas! 
13. Coffee Table Books  Moms LOVE to have their home looking very aesthetic for when guests come over. Coffee table books are a great way to add to said aesthetic without breaking the bank.
And there are so many coffee table books that one or two are bound to fit your mom’s home and personality perfectly. So if you have a mom love that loves house decor, this is one Christmas gift idea for her that you won’t want to forget! 
14. Jewelry  Jewelry is another great Christmas gift idea for mom because it is such a go to category for women’s gifts in general. 
All women love jewelry, so I promise you that some gold hoops or a simple necklace will be a great gift for mom for Christmas. 
15. Foot Massager  It might have taken us a while to learn, but moms work HARD and we cannot deny it. So, a great Christmas gift idea for mom would be one that makes coming home after a long day that much more inviting, right? Right!
That’s why a foot massager is such a great Christmas gift idea for mom. It helps her relax after a hard day and gives her feet the attention they deserve. A foot massager for Christmas basically guarantees that you’ll be her favorite child from here on out! 
16. Air Fryer  Air fryers are one of the newest and hottest trends and I am sure that moms would love to jump on it! Especially moms who want to make and create the best healthy meals for their family that they can! It’s a great Christmas gift idea for moms that want to stay on trend AND stay healthy! 
17. Coffee Spoons  I’ve already said it but its so important that I will say it again, moms need coffee. And most moms need coffee with creamer! So, be super thoughtful this Christmas and get your mom some coffee spoons for Christmas.
Because you know she needs her coffee and want her to have things specially dedicated to her morning coffee, you recognize how vital it is to her functioning. You’ll be her favorite child because of how thoughtful this gift is! 
18. Books  Books are SUCH a great Christmas gift idea for mom! They’re on the more inexpensive side and what mom doesn’t love to curl up with a good book? 
Getting mom books for Christmas is a great way to tell her that you love her and want her to relax. And those are definitely things that favorite children say! 
19. A Nice Flannel  Flannels are a staple in the winter for any and everyone because they provide comfort and warmth without being super bulky. If your mom is always cold or needs some extra layers this winter, definitely look into getting her a NICE flannel for Christmas! 
20. Weighted Blanket  Weighted Blankets are ALL the rage right now, and honestly why wouldn’t they be? They feel like you’re sleeping with a hug around you.
It’s super comforting and guaranteed to help your sleep quality improve. Weighted blankets are great Christmas gift ideas for moms who need some help sleeping at night, or just always love hugs! 
21. A New Wallet  My mom’s wallet has always been filled to the brim with gift cards, rewards cards, credit cards, and cash. If your mom’s is the same way, look into getting her a new wallet for Christmas.
Wallets are a great Christmas gift idea for mom because they show that you notice the little things! 
22. Car Mount  Car mounts keep your phone held in a place on your dashboard so that you can easily see it without looking down. I’m not advocating for your mom to text and drive, but car mounts are helpful for looking at directions or talking to someone on speaker phone.
So if you want to make sure that your mom is driving safe, a car mount is an awesome Christmas gift idea! 
23. Sunglasses  What mom doesn’t ROCK some sunnies on the daily? Sunglasses are a great Christmas gift idea for mom because honestly, can one really have enough sunnies? 
24. Gym Bag  Did you know that most moms don’t realize that they actually need a gym bag for working out? They think taking their purse in is just fine!
Taking a purse isn’t the worst thing in the world, but mom deserves to feel like a rockstar in the gym, right? So if you want your mom to look and feel like the rockstar she truly is, get her a nice gym bag for Christmas! 
25. Personalized Toiletry Bag  Moms travel too, and they need nice and spacious toiletry bags! Toiletry bags have always been a go to Christmas gift idea for mom, but this year take it up a notch by getting that bag PERSONALIZED!
It will show that her favorite child really took the time to get her a gift they knew she would love! 
{RELATED POST: 68 Best College Care Package Ideas College Students Will Love} 26. Straightener Brush  Have you seen these before? I just found them and TBH, I’m adding to my own Christmas wish list! It’s a heated hair brush that STRAIGHTENS your hair while your brush it. How awesome is that? 
This would make a PERFECT Christmas gift idea for the mom who complains about how long it takes her to get ready because this brush would totally save her time! 
27. Your School's Sweatshirt/Jacket Mom’s LOVE to rep their kids schools. Don’t lie, you know its true. So if you want to get her something unique, look into grabbing a sweatshirt or t-shirt from your school’s spirit shop before you head home for break.
This is such a sweet and thoughtful Christmas gift idea for mom because it shows her that you recognize what she loves and you want her to love your school just as much as you do! 
28. Wireless Charging Station for Phone  If your mom is one who loves convenience, then I have the PERFECT Christmas gift for you to give her! 
If your mom has the iPhone 8 or up, it can wirelessly charge! All she has to do is place is face up on a wireless charging stand and BOOM! it charges her phone. Mom would LOVE this gift because it means no more annoying cords! 
29. Foreo Face Cleanser   Moms have to have a skincare routine too! Upgrade them to a  ~luxurious~ skincare routine by getting them a Foreo.
A Foreo gentles cleanses your skin and removes dead skin cells. It will keep mom’s face clean and fresh, and she’ll have you, her favorite child, to thank for it!  
30. Eye Shadow Palette  When it comes to makeup, I truly believe that the easiest gift to give is an eyeshadow palette. Why? Because there are so many kinds of looks that you can create and your mom is sure to find one that she loves! 
If your mom loves makeup and you’re looking for a gift that doesn’t break the bank but looks thoughtful, an eyeshadow palette is a great Christmas gift idea for mom! 
31. Face Mask Set  Moms deserves luxury. And face masks, they feel luxurious but don’t have a luxurious price tag, which we gift givers LOVE. So if you mom just wants a simple gift for Christmas, I highly suggest getting her a set of face masks! 
32. Contigo Travel Mug 
Moms are ALWAYS on the go. Often, that means their coffee is on the go, too. If this sounds like your mom, then a Contigo travel mug is a great Christmas gift idea for her! 

Contigo Travel mugs don’t break the bank, but they keep your coffee warm for HOURS! And their no spill technology makes sure that your mom doesn’t have to add “cleaning another mess” to her list of things to do!
33. Tile Set  Moms can be NOTORIOUS for losing things, especially keys and phones. If that’s your mom, then I highly suggest getting a tile set as your mom’s Christmas gift. It gives her a way to find one if she has the other. What a time saving and thought gift! 
34. "I Love You Mom and Here's Why" Journal This is a sweet journal you fill out for your mom. So if your mom is simple and sentimental, I think that this is the ideal Christmas gift idea for you to get her! 
35. Bath Bomb Set  Bath bombs are just like the face mask set I mentioned, but for your body. So if your mom isn’t super into face masks but loves a good bath, definitely look into getting her this.
OR If you want to make sure that your mom feels extra pampered this Christmas, get both sets! No one said you couldn’t (well, except maybe your bank account, but do we really ever listen to that anyway?) 
36. Updated Sibling Portrait  Moms LOVE photos! Don’t deny it, a big portion of your childhood was spent posing for mom’s camera. Feed into her love of photos and memories by getting all of your siblings together and get an updated photo and then frame it for her.
Your mom will DIE over this sentimental Christmas gift you did just for her! 
37. Birthstone Necklace Click Here To Buy From Etsy This is another very thoughtful and sentimental gift that is the perfect Christmas gift idea for mom. It’s a necklace that has all the birthstones of her kids on it. That way she has a piece of y’all wherever she goes!
38. Gift Cards  I always want to include this one because I think that when we are shopping for those that we love the most we tend to forget about it when REALLY gift cards can be the best gift that you can give. 
They let people choose whatever they want so that they are always happy with what you got them. So if your mom is picky and/or you’re in a rush, a gift card is always your best option! 
39. Cheese Board If your mom loves to host, get her a cheese board where she can put anything on it. It’s the perfect and super thoughtful Christmas gift idea for mom! 
40. Bath Tray Bath trays provide a next level bath experience. So if your mom loves baths, definitely look into this as her gift! Tip: get one with a wine glass holder, those go over especially well!
41. Hand Cream This is a great stocking stuffer Christmas gift idea for moms, unless you get like a super expensive and nice kind of hand cream for her then definitely make a gift gift.
But mom’s need stocking stuffers too ya know, so put some hand cream and a face mask and a gift card in her stocking for Christmas morning! 
42. Yoga Mat  Moms need relaxation right? Like if you ask them what they want, 9 times out of 10 they will respond with “peace and quiet”. Yoga, provides that for them. So help them get more into yoga by getting them a nice yoga mat. IT’s a great idea for a Christmas gift for mom!
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