Making The Most Out of a Small Closet

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Do you struggle with the size of your closet? A too-small closet can lead to disorganization and frustration, and makes it difficult to easily navigate your wardrobe. Fortunately, the space-saving experts at Closet & Storage Concepts can help! Below, weve compiled some of the ways that you can make a too-small closet more usable and efficient.

Custom Storage

Having the right kind of storage for each part of your wardrobe will actually help you save space, long-term. Scarves, belts, jewelry, and more will benefit from custom closet accessories that keep them organized and out of the way. At Closet & Storage Concepts of Boston, we can install jewelry drawers, space-saving shoe racks, valet rods, and more for your closet.

Add Storage Under Hangers

Many closets come equipped with plenty of hanging storage but with nothing underneath. For a small closet, this is a huge waste of space. We recommend installing storage underneath your hanging rod. Drawers, shelves, shoe racks, and more can fit underneath your hanging clothes.

Additional Hangars

Another way to maximize space in your closet is to implement staggered hangars. Instead of a single hanging rod, you can utilize more space by installing multiple rods underneath or side-by-side. These typically take up very little room, so theyre perfect for a smaller closet.

Go Vertical

Most small closets are taller than they are wide. It makes sense to incorporate storage that builds up, not side-to-side! There are plenty of storage options that work just as well vertically as they do horizontally. We even have vertical shoe racks for our closets!

Make Use of Doors

Your closet door can be used to create additional storage. With hooks or a hanging storage system, you can use your closet door for a variety of purposes. This is a great way to create more space for accessories or shoes in your closet.

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At Closet & Storage Concepts, we understand the unique storage needs that everyone has. We create custom closets for every type of person. The best solution to a closet that doesnt suit your needs is a custom closet solution built just for you! Contact us today to learn more, or drop by our showroom in Boston to view our closet models. Photo credit: as3d