Learn how to make a paracord keychain and make functional accessories you can give as gifts and even sell!

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How to Make a Paracord Keychain with a Secret Compartment What You’ll Need to Make a DIY Paracord Keychain:

3 5ft strands of paracord – (Try it with three different colors!) Lighter or matches Pencil Keyring

Instructions on How to Make a Paracord Keychain: Step 1. Getting Started

Take your first two strands of paracord and intersect them at the centers to form a cross. The bottom one should be horizontal and the top one vertical.
Step 2. Loop the Paracord

Take the ends of the horizontal (P1) cord and cross each strand over the vertical cord (P2) to form an “S” shape.
Step 3. Start Weaving

Now, keeping the P1 as is, weave P2 so the top end comes down, over P1 and down throughout the bottom loop formed by P1.

Do the same with the bottom end of P2 but bring it up over P1 and through the top loop.

Pull to tighten the knot, keeping it loose for the next step.
Step 4. Weave in the Third Piece of Paracord
Now, grab your third piece of paracord (P3). Take one end of P3 and insert it through the side of the knot you just made.

Do this by passing it through the loops made by P1 until you’ve reached the midpoint of P3.


Pull cords to tighten into your first knot.

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Step 5. Begin Making the Crown Knots

Let’s begin to make the crown knots. Let’s start with all your pieces spread out in each direction.


Then take that right end of P1 and cross it down over the bottom strand of P2.

Continue clockwise, repeating the same process until you get back to the top.


Continue looping the paracord.


Loop the paracord around until it looks like this.


At the top, take the top strand of P2, loop it over P3 and through the loop made by P3 and P1.


Pull to tighten. Now you have a closed crown knot!
Step 6. Making the Secret Compartment

Once you have completed 3-4 crown knots, it’s time to grab your pencil!


Place your pencil inside the knots you’ve made and continue to make crown knots up the pencil.

This is what your key fob should be looking like. You have enough cord to make about a 5″ long fob.
Step 7. Fill the Secret Compartment

Once you’ve made your fob to the length you want, it’s time to fill your hidden compartment and close it off! With the pencil still inserted, make one more crown knot, but keep it loose.

You are now going to finish it off by make a diamond knot. To do this grab one end…

…put it under and through the next loop in the series.


Pull it through.

Repeat with the next cord over, continue around in a clockwise motion until all the cords are coming out of the center of the knot.


Tighten the knot just enough to keep the cords together. Remove the pencil.
Step 8. Try to Fit in Different Items in the Compartment


You now have an awesome compartment that can hold some waterproof survival gear or even some cash for that unexpected rainy day. Place your items inside the compartment.

Tighten the knot all the way to finish your DIY paracord keychain.
Step 9. Add Keyring to Your Finished DIY Paracord Keychain


Add your keyring to the top part of the fob and your DIY paracord keychain is done!

Watch this video tutorial from Paracord Crafts to make a quick release paracord key fob:

There you go, practical DIY junkies! A DIY paracord keychain of your own.

With these practical accessories, a hit these days, they’ll make such wonderful presents for friends and families whatever the occasion.

Will you give this DIY paracord keychain a try? Let us know your plans for a DIY paracord keychain in the comments section below!
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