Laser cutters and engraving machines were once a preserve for the big businesses

Only a select few with the financial muscle could afford these tools. But with time, as technology continued to improve, there are now simple laser cutters that are not only affordable but also simple to use.

Whether you are a small business looking to imprint logo designs or just a hobbyist seeking for the best tool to engrave some cool calligraphy fonts on jewelry, it’s you time to take a plunge and take advantage of laser technology for all your cutting and engraving machines. These little tools are designed to be more accurate and make cutting metals and other alloys a breeze.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry — we are here to help you with that. We have spent hours researching the best laser cutting and engraving machines and narrowed down the options on ten cool options that you can try today. They are simple to use, very accurate, and sturdy enough to serve you for long.
Top 10 Laser Cutting and Engraving Machines of 2019 Reviewed 1. BIBO 3D Printer Dual Extruder Laser Engraving Sturdy Frame Wi-Fi Touch Screen Best 3D Laser Cutting Engraving Machine
Do you have a business that involves engraving or you just want to do some crafts at home? Regardless of your major activities, you need an engraver that can work with multiple types of materials such as paper, leather, plastic, and wood. The BIBO laser engraving machine can do all that and more. In addition to engraving, it can also cut thin plastic materials and print 3D objects.

It comes with a touchscreen in full color. Unlike other laser cutting engraving machines, this one is extremely easy to operate. The learning curve is short, meaning you can get going even if you are a newbie. Using the Wi-Fi control feature, it is possible to operate the machine via a PC or phone.

To make sure that the filament spool is always replenished, this machine detects any deficits and alerts you. In fact, it will stop running so that you can load a new filament spool. When printing big objects, this feature proves to be very useful. It is also possible to print two copies of the same object at the same time. This reduces the printing time by more than half.

Has a full touchscreen Filament detection feature Copy printing feature Works on multiple types of materials
The quality of assembly is not strong enough The prints aren’t very clean Comes without a master manual

View Price and Deals 2. Mophorn Laser Engraving Machine Best Engraving Machine for Artwork
Do you have a graphics business? If you produce advertisements or are a major player in the paper, packaging, and clipping industries, the Mophorn Laser Engraving Machine is all you need. You can use it to engrave toys, leather, garments, and so on. It has a maximum power potential of 80 watts and measures 28 by 20 inches.

This auto laser engraving machine has both the CorelDraw and CAD design software. Some of the graphics formats by this machine include AI, DST, DXT, JPEG, JPG, GIF, BMP, HPGL, and so on. Simply pick what you want the machine to produce and it will do it for you. The Air-Assist system removes combustible gases and heat from the cutting surface thus making cutting and engraving easy.

With this engraving machine, you do not need a PC to produce your work. It has a USB interface that is able to read files from a memory stick. In fact, you can select the files you wish to print without having to use a PC. Once you have designed your files on a PC, simply save them in a USB flash disk, slot it on the machine, and start engraving.

The output is in various image formats Accepts a USB stick Works with several design software
The manual isn’t in clear English Comes with a steep learning curve Doesn’t have a copy printing feature

View Price and Deals 3. SUNWIN 40X50CM 12V USB Desktop Laser Engraving Machine Best Desktop Laser Cutting Engraving Machine
Sometimes you need much more than just a printer in your home office. The SUNWIN engraving machine is designed for use on the desktop, which makes it easier to pair with your PCs. It supports Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8, and 10. To be able to use the machine with your PC, you have to download software for installation on the computer.

But just what will you use this machine for? You can use it for engraving DIY work, toys, and so on. Unlike other machines, you cannot use the laser for long. Instead, you have to use it in short intervals of work. For that reason, the machine is meant for non-commercial use. Apart from flat surfaces, the machine can also engrave curved leather, plastic, paper, wood, and bamboo.

The frames of this machine are made of high-quality aluminum, acrylic, and stainless steel screws. Essentially, it holds in place quite fine. The storage box contains a six-angle wrench, wood chips, violet light goggles. In short, you will receive this machine in a version that’s fully ready to use.

Works with Windows PCs Sturdy, strong frames For desktop use
You have to download the installation software Reported to die without warning No USB capabilities

View Price and Deals 4. Orion Motor Tech 40W C02 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Best Lasser Cutting Engraving Machine with Large Cut Area
It may look like a mix of generator and toolbox but the Orion Motor Tech is a sturdy engraving machine that works with several kinds of materials. Like other machines, it has the ability to engrave leather, rubber, vinyl, and plastic. Additionally, it can engrave ceramics, mylar, marble, and crystal. It has a large work area of 20 by 28 inches.

The machine comes with proprietary software, which you can install on your PC. However, its function isn’t restricted to this software. The machine works with existing design software like CAD and CorelDraw, which makes it very adaptable. It is meant for use in industrial settings where its 500-pound weight can easily be accommodated. In short, you shouldn’t expect to use this machine on your desktop.

As a way of protecting you from toxic materials, engraving machines have mechanisms that allow for continuous air circulation. This makes it possible to avoid inhaling any toxic gases and materials from the surfaces of the objects being engraved. The Orion machine comes with built-in capabilities to remove combustible gases and heat by blowing a steady stream of air.

Engraves more materials than other machines Uses software other than that from the manufacturer Has a large working area
Laser tube can break easily Electric shock from the uninsulated water pump Not great for desktop use

View Price and Deals 5. TEN-HIGH 4040 400X400mm 15.7X15.7 inches 40W 120V Crafts Laser Engraving Machine Best Adjustable Laser Cutting Engraving Machine
An upgraded version of the TEN-HIGH 3020, the TEN-HIGH 4040 is a small-sized beauty with one of the highest performance levels. Together with being simple to operate, this machine produces high-quality work to the highest precision levels. In fact, this machine has a 0.01mm accuracy level, making it one of the best in the industry. It also has a very high engraving speed of up to 600mm per second. Very few machines can beat that.

Like the previous version, the TEN-HIGH 4040 comes with two built-in exhaust fans whose work is to remove the toxic vapors and prevent them from accumulating in the room. This protects both the machine and you from any harm from these machines.

When it comes to functionality, the machine has a USB interface that allows you to connect it to a Windows computer or flash disk. Because of that, you don’t need a computer to use this machine. The manufacturers of this machine have made it compatible with software such as CorelDraw, for as long as you use it on a computer. You can adjust the laser current to any size you choose and engrave patterns, text, and photos.

Beautiful to behold Comes with exhaust fans USB interface
Not clear the kind of materials it can engrave Costly No touchscreen

View Price and Deals 6. Happybuy Hot Foil Stamping Machine Best Laser Foil Stamping Machine
When it comes to making a machine that’s capable of working on a variety of surfaces, the people at Happybuy understand exactly what to do. This machine can be used on PVC cards, cloth, plastic, leather, and paper. It comes with a silver paper foil which is then used during the engraving process.

The machine is described as a “hot foil stamping machine” since it relies on a 2.36 by 3.54 inches hot plate. If you are worried about where to place it, the machine requires a 5.5 by 4 inches work table. It comes with temperature control for the hot foil which ranges from 0°C to 300°C (32°F to 572°F). This is meant to control the temperature at which the machine heats the foil. It relies on a 110V, 60Hz, and 300W power inlet. If the electrical system doesn’t meet these specifications, then you need an adapter for the machine to work.

One thing you will like about this machine is that it is produced by an ISO9001 certified company. That essentially means the machine is of the highest quality. After buying the Happybuy Hot Foil Stamping Machine, you can expect it to last for such a long time to come.

Has a hot foil temperature control Can be used on a variety of materials Made by an ISO9001 certified company
No USB interface Not suitable for desktop use Does not allow for copy printing

View Price and Deals 7. Dremel LC40-01 12”X20” 40W Co2 High-Speed Laser Best High Speed Laser Cutting Engraving Machine
Who wants an engraving machine that just cannot withstand the rigors of protracted use? The Dremel High-Speed Laser is designed to remain reliable through long periods of use. Using this machine, it is easier to finish all the work you set out to do without pausing. You can use it both in commercial and domestic settings. For as long as you can conceive an idea and produce a soft copy of it, you can print it using this machine.

The software that comes with the machine is extremely easy to use. Once you get started, you will have no reason to stop your work. Some of the materials you can engrave using this machine include rubber, fabric, cardboard, paper, glass, acrylic, leather, and wood. Additionally, the machine is fast when it comes to creating high-value projects.

There aren’t many laser engravers that are fully approved for UL safety. The Dremel engraving machine includes up to 5 safety sensors to keep the systems working properly for longer. Besides, the company that manufactures it excels in product development and engineering. With this machine, you just cannot go wrong.

Strong enough to last through long periods of use A fast engraving machine Includes 5 safety sensors
Reported to be bad for business Unresponsive customer service Issues with a malfunctioning gantry

View Price and Deals 8. BobsCNC E3 CNC Router Engraver Kit Best Laser Cutting Machine for Wood
The BobsCNC engraving and cutting machine is like no other. It is a highly affordable engraving machine that effectively works on wood. But that doesn’t mean that it is a useless machine. Since it is designed specifically for wood, it efficiently carries out the task it has been created for without the fear of breaking down. The major attractive thing about this machine is that it comes at a very affordable price.

However, that’s not all. This machine has the ability to alter how deep the cuts go. Not many machines, including those discussed here, can do that. The machine comes with a sturdy laser cut frame which makes it extremely strong. 

The X and Y axes have GT2 belt drives which help to move the material as the engraving is going on. It weighs 26 pounds and measures 25 by 19 by 50 inches, which isn’t too large for use at home. It requires a 115-volt power outlet and produces up to 600 watts. The package includes a router with ¼” and 1/8” collets. You will also receive a software which runs on Linux, OSX, Windows, and Raspberry Pi.

Costs less money A feature to determine the depth of cuts Works on different PC operating systems
Assembly may take way too long Requires separate design software Gantry sits unsteadily

View Price and Deals 9. Orion Motor Tech Laser Engraving Cutting Machine(Latest Version) Best Desktop Wood Engraving Machine
Compared to previous models of laser engraving machines by Orion, this particular one comes with a better control panel. With this, you will be able to see metrics such as the current volume and so on. It also comes with upgraded knobs for rotary adjustment. The built-in fan is exactly what you need for better ventilation, low levels of noise, greater portability, and easier operation. The learning curve for the Orion Motor tech is less steep since it will take you only a short time to get started.

The machine is made with what’s known as a “double duty operating surface”. It includes a clamp for holding in place the irregular objects. The level board ensures that regular and flat objects sit squarely on the machine while you are working on it.

For improved mobility, the machine comes with four detachable wheels that are affixed at the bottom whenever you want to move it. The many certifications the company has received should give you confidence that you have a safe machine in your presence. To name but a few, the machine has CE Certification, FDA compliance, and ISO9001 certification. Not many manufacturers of engraving machines can boast of all of these certifications.

A good control panel Comes with a clamp Detachable wheels
The clamp can only hold 3.5 by 8 inches You have to buy graphics software Power adjusting knob has no marks

View Price and Deals 10. SUNCOO K40 Laser Cutter Best Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine
If you are looking for a cutting/engraving machine that can work on a large variety of materials without breaking down, try the SUNCOO K40 Laser Cutter. It engraves into rubber, plastic, glass, leather, and plywood. However, you cannot use this machine to engrave metal. It is perhaps the best machine for personalized engraving involving even the toughest materials.

The machine is capable of working with CorelDraw, a graphics design software. Unlike the other machines discussed here, you won’t have to buy and graphics software. After all, the machine comes with CorelDraw. The machine has a maximum engraving speed of up to 350mm per second. The engraving area isn’t more than 12 by 8 inches. On the other hand, it has a cutting speed of 35mm per second.

It comes with a long-lasting laser tube that can go for 1,000 to 1,300 hours or long enough to have done substantial amounts of work. For those who use the engraving machine for long hours, it would be necessary to have a spare laser tube on standby, just in case things go south. When engraving materials that produce smoke and other toxic you should make sure the ventilation is just right.

Engraves a variety of materials Package includes CorelDraw graphics software Long-lasting laser tube
Works only with Windows PCs Reports of defects before first use Hard to install for first use

View Price and Deals How to Choose the Best Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine – Buying Guide
Mainly used in manufacturing, a laser cutting/engraving machine comes with computer numerical (CNC) capability. You can precisely use laser beams to cut/engrave signs, pictures, patterns, numbers, letters, and logos on any flat surface. They can be used to engrave wood, leather, glass, stone, acrylic, plastics, and jewelry. To know the kind of laser cutting/engraving machine to buy, you ought to find answers to the following questions.
Fiber or CO2 Technology?
There are to main types of laser cutting/engraving machines. CO2 laser cutting machines operate when electricity is run through a resonator filled with CO2 gas. They rely on mirrors to deliver and focus the laser beam. As for the fiber laser cutting machines, the beam is created by a collection of diodes. The beam is then channeled through a fiber optic cable. When it comes out, it is in amplified form and capable of cutting the material you are working on.

When it comes to the operation cost, fiber laser cutting machines are the most affordable. They are also known to cut at higher speeds than the CO2 ones. It does that no matter how thick the material is. Even though the initial cost of fiber laser cutting/engraving materials might be high, its super-fast cutting speed makes this kind of machine a popular choice. Laser cutting machines are capable of working on reflective materials like copper and brass. However, when cutting specialized materials, it is advisable to use a CO2 cutting machine.
Can The Machine Automatically Handle Material?
The best laser cutting/engraving machines are those with the capability to handle materials. Given the fast speed of laser cutting machines, you wouldn’t want to be the one doing the material handling. Also, have it clear the number of times you will be handling your machine. Consider if the machine is capable of handling the manual material loading and finished products offloading. Where possible, buy a machine that greatly minimizes your cost of labor. Where the machine isn’t equipped to automatically handle materials, why don’t you install an automated feeding, retrieval, and storage system? That might be an extra cost, but it will make your work easier.
Is The Machine Installed With All The Necessary Software?
Most of the traditional laser cutting/engraving machines rely on the same old software. When buying a laser cutting/engraving machine, it might be necessary to invest in a more precise software. If anything, the current trend is for software and machine systems to be interconnected. Before investing in new software, ask if it has the capability to run the other machines you already own. If you are buying a laser cutting/engraving machine, ask how easy it is to integrate into the existing company network. Where that’s possible, then it will be easier for you to collect data for timely decision making.
How Much Does It Cost To Operate The Machine?
As a manufacturer, one of the issues that should concern you the most is the operational cost of your venture. Is the machine you are investing in is efficient enough to give you the results you need when you need them? Find out if there is software with the capability to measure the OEE (overall equipment efficiency) of the machine. Once you determine how efficient the machine is, you will have a good idea about the operating costs.
Is The Machine Powerful Enough For Your Kind Of Work?
When determining how strong the laser beam is, check out the wattage. There are machines with a capacity of as little as 30 watts while others can be as powerful as 50 watts. As such the more powerful laser cutting/engraving machines are those with a higher wattage. While the power of the machine is important, it is the beam’s focal point that determines how deep it can cut. What a more powerful machine does is to cut at a much higher speed. 
How Wide Is the Machine’s Bed?
The more expansive the bed of a laser cutting/engraving machine, the bigger the material that can be fitted into the machine. With a bigger bed, you can engrave or cut larger materials. Where a small material is involved, a bigger beg makes it possible to cut multiple numbers of times at a go. While some machines have fixed beds, others are such that their beds have the capability to move up and down. The latter is better suited for cutting objects of different sizes.
What’s Your Budget?
As you consider the amount of money you are willing to spend on a laser cutting machine, you need to be clear how you are going to be making the payment. If you are paying cash, then you must have all the money you need ready. It also depends on how much the machine costs. The most affordable laser cutting machines are sold for anything from $3,000. This price can go up to as much as $300,000.
So, have you settled on a particular laser cutting/engraving machine? Carefully consider the reviews discussed above together with the buying guide. In the end, buying a laser engraving/cutting machine is a delicate balancing act between your budget and needs. When you find a machine that ticks all the right boxes, go ahead and buy it!

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