DIY Wall Jewelry Holder

I never realized how much jewelry I have. Until I happened to be looking for one specific piece. I ended up finding it in my containers of jewelry, and discovered long forgotten pieces as well. I needed to figure out a better solution, one that could display it all. Yes, there is plenty of jewelry holders. But I wanted a large one that could fit on a wall. So, I did what any frequent DIY person would do. Created one!

Materials needed to make a wall jewelry organizer:

4 wood boards

Miter saw

white spray paint

Masonite (compressed cardboard)



wallpaper/ craft paper/ wrapping paper

small hangers or knobs

hot glue gun

labels (optional)

small boxes (optional)

How to craft this wall-hanging jewelry organizer:

Step 1: Measure and cut the boards

I purchased four pine boards, that are 1.2 inch thick and 3 inches wide. This would allow it to sit as flush as possible against the wall, but still hold what I needed it to.

First things first was cutting the boards down to my desired size. I have a lot of long necklaces, so having a rectangular and long jewelry organizer one was the way to go. The great thing about creating one from scratch is anyone can make it as big or little as needed. Once I had the four pieces cut, I nailed them together in the rectangle shape.

Step 2: Put together the frame

To create the back, which would hold all of my jewelry I used a small piece of masonite. I did not ant to use something that would make the piece too heavy. It is thin and light, perfect for the job. When it was cut I made sure it all fit within the frame.

When I was planning out this project I also knew I wanted to have some small boxes on the bottom of the box. To hold earrings, broaches, or other accessories. I purchased four really small boxes from a crafts store. They were not treated with anything. So a quick can of spray paint made these look all shiny and beautiful.

Step 3: Spray paint the frame and the boxes

I also spray painted the wood frame white. Having as sleek of a look as possible. I wanted this to feel fresh and contemporary.

Step 4: Decorate the backing

Now, it is time to make this jewelry box have some personality to it. I purchased some wall paper to use as the backing of the jewelry organizer. To add some fun to the small jewelry boxes I purchased a matching gift bag.

Using a box cutter I cut small rectangles around the small box. Then trimmed down until the paper fit inside the boxes. It was such a snug fit I did not even have to glue them in.

I also added some labels I purchased to add a great visual to the small boxes, and to encourage me to keep it all organized. I nailed the back to the wood frame to create the jewelry box. It was almost done!

Step 5: Add the little knobs

I collected some small wood sewing spools, a few hooks, and two cabinet door knobs to use as hangers for the jewelry. So I started placing them around the box, making sure to arrange them in a way to have my longer pieces have room to hang.

With me using wrapping paper, it is quite thin. So to insure that there would be no pull from the hangers with the jewelry on it. I traced around each hanging piece with a knife.

This allowed a hold to be in place, right where the spool or other hanging device would be. Then I was able to use a hot glue gun, and glue the hanging piece right to the back of the masonite. Making sure this would last me for a while. If you are using material that is thicker, or a painted back it should be strong enough on its own. But, wrapping paper can rip if there is enough weight on it.

Step 6: Hang it on the wall

And then, it was officially done. I used a few command strips to attach to the back of the jewelry box. This is the easiest way to hang things by having adhesives on the back and the wall, where it connects. It was time to set up and organize my jewelry. I used a long and skinny vase to set on one side, for my watches and other bracelets.

This is something I wish I had done a while ago. It is so organized, easily accessible, and a cute addition to a room or closet as well.

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