Colorful Parisian store fronts tell a different side of Paris

While Paris may be known for its grand and elegant Eiffel tower, staring at this piece of history is not enough to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Parisian culture and way of living. The stories behind the colorful and charming glass fronts of bakeries, barber shops, and jewelry stores are so vital to this comprehension yet so underrated.

These stories are what has inspired photographer Sebastian Erras to jump from taking photographs of exquisitely patterned floors to capturing the Parisian owners in front of their stores. The facades of each establishment vary in color, aesthetic and building materials. But beside the charming tile work, personalized signage, and colorful walls stand the owners – most of them a part of a family business passed on from generation to generation. All very proud and having their individual stories to tell, these photos definitely portray what makes up Paris’ cultural fabric.

This collection of photographs is still a part of Erras’ collaborative project with Pixartpainting.

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