Best Moving Home Inventory Apps 2020

The best thing about moving to a new home is when you’ve unpacked your boxes and sat down for a cup of coffee to soak in the feeling. But where did you put the coffee cups? Did you pack them at all?

Millenials came up with a convenient way to ensure you can pull off the entire packing by yourself. Why pay companies for something your phone can do for free. The is a bundle of apps to help you sort and organize your items when packing.

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Sortly allows you to snap photos of your possessions, create folders, group items any way you want, label them and create inventories. It has attractive visual features, it is accessible via phone, tablet or PC. It doesn’t require you to be a tech-savvy. There is a free version for up to 100 items, and if you need more you can choose a plan that suits you the best. Both iPhone and Android support this app.

Magic Home Inventory

This free of charge app was a result of having one developer pack for his extended vacation in Hungary. Users are able to make categories, arrange items and create individual hierarchies of inventory. The app is equipped with a custom camera, advanced search capability and specialized color, brand and price fields. You can even use multiple images for one item. The app is available for Android phones only.

Encircle: Home Inventory

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The Encircle app is yet another useful tool for keeping track of your home inventory. Its perks include creating detailed reports in PDF and Excel formats, unlimited storage of items, accessibility via phone, tablet or PC and automatic synchronization on all devices. There is also a streamlined setup for new users. This app is free for basic use and is supported by iPhone and Android phones.

Home Inventory

This app was highly praised by several magazines such as Lifehacker, Macworld and The New York Times. It is described as quick and easy to use. The Home Inventory app allows you to go into detail such as model numbers, serial numbers, the price and date of the purchase, as well as uploading store receipts and warranty information. You can make maintenance scheduling alarms for some of the appliances, or make a coverage analysis to estimate if you have sufficient insurance for your inventory. You can get this all-in-one app for the price of 39.99$ on iTunes.

Home Inventory Organizer

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The Balance named this app the second best app for home inventory. It gives you the option of customizing rooms lists and searching those lists, creating inventory lists and sharing them via email, keeping up with the serial numbers and having a backup of your data. This Android-only app can be purchased on Google Play for the price of 2.50$.

MyStuff2 Pro

The MyStuff2 Pro app might take some time to set up, but it is worth your time. It serves as a sort of personal assistant that helps you keep track of places where you’ve put your things. You can easily make collections of books, movies, jewelry and more. It has a very handy option of checking for duplicate things, and you can import and customize inventory lists. This iPhone-only app can be purchased for 8.99$.

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Those are some of the best apps for creating home inventory when moving, and you can use them for other purposes. If you feel overwhelmed by the apps, you can always contact a moving company and use one of the packing services they offer.

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