28 Traveling Tips to Make Your Next Trip a Breeze

Going on vacation or planning a road trip soon? While the destination is fun, the travel experience is often less than stellar. From packing to making the most of your time in the car (especially with kids), a few traveling tips can go a long way toward making your trip more enjoyable. Here are the best travel tricks and tips that we’ve found. So, start packing!

28 Travel Tips to make your next trip more fun, photo collage with child in car seat and tray on lap, toothbrushes propped up with plastic clothespins, finger foods inside plastic eggshells, sippy cup strapped to side of car seat.

Travel Hacks for Making the Best of Your Trips

1. Best Tip on How-To to Fold a Shirt When Traveling

Learn how to fold shirts to save space in your luggage. Every little bit of space matters. After all, who wants to drag tons of bags around? To get the biggest bang for your buck when packing, in most cases, we recommend rolling over folding. Believe it or not, folding leaves creases or lines on your shirts, while rolling them provides a much smoother result.

Travel T-Shirt Tricks, Fold like a pro

2. Traveling Tips – Keep Small Essentials in a Pillbox

Use a pill compartment to keep track of small items, like jewelry. Have you ever lost your favorite earrings or found your necklace broken, thinking they were in a secure pocket or baggie? This puts a damper on the whole trip and causes undue stress. This little travel tip will help things go much smoother. Plus, pillboxes are easily found at the dollar store. The only downside is you can’t get bigger items, like hoops or big dangles, into the compartments.


Keep small items, like Jewelry, in a pill container when traveling

3. Pack Shoes in a Shower Cap to Protect Clothes

This is a simple trick, but one you’ll enjoy. Think about it, we walk everywhere and there are tons of germs and bacteria on the soles of our shoes. One of the best traveling tips I’ve learned is to pack your shoes in a shower cap to keep them from touching your clothes. Another idea is to put your shoes in a plastic grocery bag before packing them in your carry-on.

This way you have peace of mind when you wear your clean clothes on your trip. If you pack delicate or expensive shoes, you may want to give them some extra protection. Try wrapping them in an extra layer, such as a soft, thick scarf or some comfy jammies. That way both your clothes and your shoes get to their destination unharmed and everybody’s happy.

Packing shoes inside a shower cap in your luggage, for easy travel

4. Dryer Sheet Tip – Keep Clothes Fresh While Traveling

Put a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep clothes smelling fresh and amazing while you travel, no matter how long it takes to reach your destination.

Plus, the TSA may even thank you. Dryer sheets absorb odor as well as moisture, and your clothes will smell like fresh laundry when you unpack. (Here are even more ways to use dryer sheets around the home.)

Put a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep clothes smelling clean

5. Waterproof Containers for Your Traveling Products

This is a great idea for a short overnight trip, for your carry-on, or even for a camping weekend. To make single-use packets of your favorite products using drinking straws, you’ll need:

  1. straws
  2. pliers
  3. a lighter
  4. a marker
  5. your products

Cut your straws into 4-inch strips, add some product, then pinch one end of the straw with the pliers and heat with a lighter until the plastic melts and seals together. Add the rest of the product to your straw, seal the other end and label your single-use packet with the marker. Enjoy.

Single use packets of your favorite products using drinking straws

6. Traveling Tip to Protect Clothes from Your Razor

We’ve all had those times when some of our items get damaged because our razor falls out of its “safe place”, and starts flopping around in our bag. Here’s a way to prevent that from happening. Put a binder clip over your razor to protect the blades (and your clothing)! Genius traveling tip! And check out these binder clip hacks for even more clever ideas.

Binder clip over razor to protect clothes

7. A Unique Traveling Tip for Your Beauty Products

Do you have extra cases for your contact lens? Look around and see if you have extras because as it turns out, you can put your makeup in contact lens cases for short trips. You can use them to store your cream concealers and your lipglosses too! Who wants to lug all those bottles and containers around?

Carry makeup in a contact lens case for short trips

8. Traveling Tip Earbuds

Do your earbuds have this magical power of knotting themselves the moment you let go of them?

Kind of like a magician has rolled them into a little ball? Mine do all the time! Then, I spend seemingly hours unknotting them. I love this travel tip because contact lens cases are also great for transporting earbuds. Who knew? Why didn’t I ever think of this?

Travel hack, wrap earbuds around contact lens case for easy transport

9. Another Great Travel Hack for Your Earbuds

Do you have empty mint containers laying around? Now you can keep your earbuds safe as a little bug tucked in a rug. Mint containers are fantastic earbud holders. They’re small and compact so they won’t take up much room in your luggage.

Mint containers make a great earbud holder

10. Keep Track of Those Sippy Cups on Long Trips

Always reaching for the kids’ drinks when they drop them? Put those sippy cups on a leash! You can easily attach them to the car seat with a band of elastic. Never lost those cups again.

Sippy cup on a leash, attached to side of car seat

11. Turn a Potholder into a Curling-Iron Holder

Use a heat-safe potholder to store your curling iron, flat iron, etc. We still recommend letting your tools cool completely before packing them, though! Just run a stitch up the side vertically and across the bottom. Then, poof, you have a cute curling iron holder. How cute is this?

Using heat safe pot holder to hold curling iron or flat iron

12. DIY Soap Tip for Your Traveling Convenience

Make one of these handy soap pouches instead of packing a loofah! It makes a great soap saver and so easy to DIY. It sews up quickly and takes about 5-10 minutes, once you gather all the essentials. You can even use an old washcloth for this simple project, and even add a convenient loop if ya like, to hang.

DIY soap pouch/soap saver made from wash cloth for travel

13. Simple Traveling Tip for Your Bobby Pins

I never thought bobby pins would be on my traveling tips list, but this one is too good. It’s never fun to lose your hairpins when you’re on an overnight trip. Store your bobby pins in an empty Tic Tac container. It’s the perfect size to carry them in your luggage, plus it’s cheap and convenient as well. (More uses for Tic-Tac containers here!)

Travel tip store bobby pins in an empty tic tack container

14. Genius Hack While on a Road Trip With the Kids

If your vehicle has third-row seating, it’s hard to reach things to the rear passengers. Create a pulley system to move things back and forth instead! This is an excellent way to pass common things, like snacks or toys back and forth, especially if ya don’t wanna turn around for the hundredth time.

Travel hack little girl in car seat using a pulley system to move a bucket from front to back of car easily

15. Store Money in a Lip Balm Tube While Traveling

Stash some cash in an empty Chapstick tube. This is a less likely target for thieves as they usually target wallets, money clips, and items of value, but don’t forget where you put the tube. Of course, it won’t help you much if they nab the entire bag.

Travel hack cash in a Chapstick tube to easily hide it from thieves

16. Traveling With Kids – Phone Number Bracelet Tip

Make phone number bracelets for the kids to wear while you’re traveling. I know from personal experience how difficult it is when a small child runs off. This doesn’t replace supervision but just in case, it’s a good idea to teach children what to do in case they ever do become lost. Knowing how to find a parent’s number is definitely one step in the right direction. Here are even more tips for traveling with kids.

DIY phone number bracelets for kid when traveling

17. Candy Necklaces for Kids When Traveling

It’s pretty simple to make candy necklaces for kids to keep around their necks, for those moments when ya need a spare snack. To DIY, all you need is any candy with a hole, (like gummy lifesavers or sweet tarts), ribbon, and scissors. What a unique idea for a snack when on a long road trip; of course it would come in handy for party favors or even prizes for staying quiet in the car as well. The possibilities are endless.

DIY candy necklaces for kids when traveling

18. Fun Traveling Tips – Games for the Kids

No road trip is complete without a few fun games for the kids. Playing games in the car is a great way to pass the time, and also create amazing memories with your kids. Bingo is a great game that can be adapted to the car, with things like magnets or stamper markers, so they can stamp the square when they find the objects. Some other great games are:

  • I Spy
  • Taking turns spotting a red or green car
  • or even how many different license plate states they can find

Also, asking the kids for fun traveling tips is always a great idea.

Travel tips, fun games for the kids bingo

19. Unique Traveling Tip for Your Phone When Flying

Have you ever been bored while traveling on low-cost airlines that have no entertainment? Learn how to fashion airline barf bags into a holder for your smartphone. This only takes a few minutes but will require several bags. But hey, free entertainment!

Travel tips Airline barf bag becomes holder for smart phone

20. Road Trip Travel Tray

For those trips that include hours and hours in the car, you can turn an old cookie sheet into a travel tray for the kids. This is a great idea for kids, especially if they’re still in a car seat. The pillow at the bottom helps to keep the travel tray steady, while on the road, turning the entire trip into a happier experience.

Old cookie sheet becomes travel tray for kids, photo collage, different items on travel tray

21. Washcloth Travel Kit Holds Your Stuff

A washcloth travel kit makes it easy to tote your favorite products to the shower. Once emptied, it turns into a soft mitt for washing your face. And it’s really easy to make… no expert sewing skills required.

travel tip, washcloth travel kit, easy to make, carry favorite products to shower

22. Travel Hack to Prevent Necklaces From Tangling

Use straws to prevent your necklaces from tangling in your luggage. Have you ever gotten to your destination, only to find your necklaces in tight little knots? This travel tip is easy to implement, all you need are straws. Slide the necklace through the straw and fasten it to keep the chain from getting tangled. Easy peasy.

Travel hacks, straws to prevent necklaces from tangling in luggage

23. Clothespin Toothbrush Holders

Even though most of us have dryers, it’s a great idea to keep some clothespins around the house. They’re good for so much more than hanging clothes to dry, plus they make handy dandy toothbrush holders. Bring along a couple of these contraptions, to keep your toothbrushes propped up off the hotel bathroom counter. (See more clothespin hacks here.)

Travel hacks plastic clothespins holding toothbrushes propped on counter

24. Travel Hack to Keep Products from Leaking

You probably already have everything you need for this travel hack. If you pack full-size bottles of lotion, shampoo, or conditioner, you’ll wanna keep your products safe. Place a small piece of plastic wrap between the bottle and cap to prevent leaking. Unpacking then becomes a much better experience for everyone.

Travel tips, small piece of plastic between bottle and lid to keep toiletries from leaking

25. Paper Activity Tips to Keep the Kids Busy While Traveling

Make a road trip countdown activity chain to keep the kids entertained during a long car ride. There are so many different activities that can be added to this activity chain, just use your imagination. You can add ‘specific games’ to a paper link, or ‘who can be quiet longest’, maybe even ‘time for a sing-a-long’… This is one of my favorite traveling tips because it’s super simple, and I know the kids will love it!

Travel tips, paper chain of road trip activities to keep the kids entertained

26. Use a Paperclip as a Luggage Lock

Lose your luggage lock? A paperclip can keep the zippers together in a pinch, so you don’t have to worry about your luggage unzipping.

Travel tips, paper clip keeps luggage locked in a pinch, attached to both zippers.

27. Travel Snacks in Plastic Easter Eggs

Keep those plastic Easter eggs around all year long. They make great snack holders for the kids during road trips. Just put the eggs in an egg carton, and you’re all set with a variety of snacks.

Travel tips, plastic Easter eggs make great holders for snacks and finger foods

28. Travel Snack Kit

Alternatively, a small tackle box with lots of compartments serves as a great snack organizer, too. This is a great way to turn a simple snack into entertaining fun. Out of the 28 traveling tips, this is probably one of the most creative.

Travel tips, small tackle box with compartments for snack organizer, pretzels, chopped nuts, etc.


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