Which items in your home bring you the most pleasure? For me, it's the simple, functional items I use everyday. (Check out this old round-up of objects from my desk at HQ.)

Just like a good day-to-day handbag, really great t-shirt or cozy ceramic bowl, when we put care into choosing the stuff we use daily, it seems to elevate and bring ease into everything else throughout the day.

These beautiful glass storage containers from Hay Design are just that kind of daily detail. In clear or cloudy painted glass, the cases come in a strange variety of colors and sizes and stopped in my tracks in the best possible way.
The Bits and Bobs cases, like little petri dishes, come in four sizes all under $20. There's something about the translucent colors that's strangely satisfying -- like a tiny piece of art that can sit on your desk or vanity. Pile up a color story of your own making and use them for the normal odds and ends or shop with purpose and select a size and color with a specific use in mind; I love these tiny jars to keep midday supplements at hand. The giant black version is maybe the chicest way to store your stash of scrunchies ever. And you'll never misplace your keys again if you keep them contained in plain sight.

The best thing about these little cases is that they're lidded. If, like me, you're easily distracted by visual clutter, start shopping for as many lidded organizational items as you can. Lidded boxes and canisters may not seem as visually pleasing at first, but unless you're storing beautiful linens or decorative objects, you'll be glad you chose something you can throw a lid on once you fill it with lip balms, receipts or junk drawer misfits.
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Which little daily objects bring you the most joy? A brass spoon or a good french press? Check out our Fall Shop now!

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