My dear friend Kim of Cloth & Stone Photography – whose beautiful work you’ve seen on this site – is up there in the top five most stylish people I’ve met. She’s just effortless – the kind of woman who can throw on a pair of sneakers and a button-down and look like a laid-back Jackie O circa 2019, just popped out for a quick stroll through the farmer’s market. Something I noticed about Kim virtually within minutes of meeting her: She always has the most perfect jewelry on. The pieces she chooses are without fail simultaneously subtle and eye-catching – as in, you notice them, but what you notice even more is how she wears them. They always somehow seem like a part of her.

Kim’s had a secret project in the works for awhile now, and I’m so excited to be able to share it here: She’s curated her first collection of carefully-selected vintage earrings, and each and every piece has that same quiet-yet-stunning quality that Kim brings to her personal style. The collection sold out almost entirely within 24 hours – but the pieces pictured here are still available (for now), so if you see anything you like, message Kim @clothandstonestudiophoto to enquire.

…And if you miss out on these? Don’t worry: there are more collections to come.

DM @clothandstonestudiophoto to purchase

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