20 Lovely Twig Crafts Super Fun And Easy To Make

Its always fun and interesting to see all the cool things that can be created using very common everyday resources or simple items that are often overlooked or taken for granted. Today were going to check out a bunch of twig-related projects. Thats right, twigs are great and incredibly versatile and useful if you can come up with a good project idea. Thats where you get to be creative. We have some ideas that might help.

A very simple thing that you can make is a table runner crafted from twigs. The idea is to have the twigs cut to size so theyre all more or less the same length. Place them parallel to each other across the center of the table so you know how many youre going to need. Then tie twine around the twigs to connect them. To also add a little bit of color to your design you can use decorative beads. Check out compostandcava if you need more details.

Not all twigs are the same and that actually increases the number of cool project ideas that you can do with them. Even those very thin and flexible twigs can be used to make interesting things like this pumpkin wreath. You can turn this into a decoration for Thanksgiving, Halloween or just fall in general. The twigs make up the center of the pumpkin as well as the stem. Check out lilyardor to find out what else you need for this project.

Not all projects require big amounts of twigs. This one from refabdiaries focuses more on quality rather than quantity. The idea here is to turn a cool-looking piece of wood such as a fallen branch into a jewelry organizer by attaching small hooks to it and hanging it on a wall with twine.

Painting the twigs is also an interesting option. You can use this technique when crafting a flag decoration. This could be a nice little project for the 4th of July and its great for both kids and adults alike. You need red, white and blue paint, a bunch of sticks that are relatively straight and cut to the same length as well as a glue gun. More details can be found on nontoygifts.

Thin green twigs are great for making little birds nests. Theyre lovely little decorations perfect for Easter when you can fill them with colored eggs. To make them you need twigs, thin floral wire, scissors and a container with water. Green twigs are best because theyre flexible. They need to be soaked in water to make them even softer. More details can be found on makeanddocrew.

Another cute idea is to use twigs to make a candle holder. To make things more interesting you can paint the twigs so the candleholder would look colorful. Of course, the natural look is also beautiful and really great if you want to add a bit of rustic charm to a room. Check out journeycreativity to find out all the details.

Twigs can also be used to make festive decorations for Christmas. One of our favorite project is this rustic Christmas tree ornament featured on craftpenguin. Its really easy to make and all you need is a few sticks or twigs, a glue fun and a few tiny decorations such as a bow and pom-poms, stickers, thumb tacks, etc.

Wreaths are really great ornaments for all sorts of occasions and all sorts of spaces. Theyre quite common and theyre also not that difficult to make from scratch. If you like grapevine wreaths you might also enjoy making something similar out of twigs that you can gather yourself. Find out how on sugarandcharm.

A lot of twig crafts are so simple that even kids could do them. One is a pen holder that they can make out of a repurposed tin can. The can can be wrapped in a piece of burlap and then twigs can be glued on the outside. Flowers and other ornaments can be added once everything else is in place. You can find more details on pinklemonade.

Isnt this twig pumpkin just lovely? It has a lot of rustic charm and it really looks beautiful and also simple. Theres not much to say about the project since its all fairly straight forward. You need to find a bunch of twigs and glue them onto a board but only after theyre cut to size so they can be placed in the shape of a pumpkin. Check out stowandtellu for more details.

A few twigs can also totally change the look of existing decorations. For example, if you have a grapevine wreath, you can use a few twigs to change its design or better said to customize it. The idea comes from creatingreallyawesomefunthings and we find it very inspiring and really simple, especially since you dont need anything more than just a few sticks and some string.

Making wreaths out of twigs gets considerably easier if you dont go for the regular round shape. You can make your twig wreath look similar to a frame and you can hang a few ornaments inside. A nice example is offered on tarynwhiteaker where the wreath is painted white and has hanging pine cones at the center.

Speaking of frames, check out this other lovely project which we found on carolynshomework. Its a picture frame made out of four twig bunches and ribbon. The picture is attached to a piece of ribbon using double-sided tape and stays in place as long as you dont mess with it too much. Its a cool way to put a picture on display without using the same boring frames that everyone has.

We mentioned earlier than wreaths dont always have to be round. Based on that idea you can create all sorts of cool and interesting designs which brings us to a project featured on thepaintedhive. This right here is a starburst wreath and its made of twigs. Its really nice and simple because theres no need for any additional decorations and ornaments to make it stand out. The design alone is quirky enough.

The shape of your twig wreath doesnt need to be perfect. In fact, it looks better and more authentic if its not. We really like the organized randomness of this design shared on celebrateanddecorate. It makes the wreath look so charming and beautiful. The project is really simple and theres really no reason why you wouldnt try it.

Small twigs are easy to come by and as youve already seen they can be used in a lot of cool projects. Big branches on the other hand can be a bit more tricky to work with but they can definitely be incorporated in some awesome crafts as well. One of our favorite ideas comes from creative-ambitions. Its a ladder and its a decorative item.

This twig light fixture is really cool and actually looks more complicated than it actually is. Its decorative more than anything else and only requires a few pretty simple supplies including twigs of different shapes and lengths, string, a big balloon or an inflatable ball and a hook to hang this from the ceiling once its done. You can use String lights as a light source. You can check out abundanceofeverything if you want more details about this project.

This cute little heart ornament is also made out of twigs. Its just a little something that you can hang on a wall to add some style and character to a space. You can also use this project as a source of inspiration for a variety of different crafts using different shapes and designs. Additional details can be found on diys.

You can use five little twigs to make a beautiful star-shaped ornament. The twigs should have relatively the same length and width in order for the star to look good. Youll also need some string and its nice to use colored string or twine, even to combine colors for a unique effect. The project is described in more detail on diys.

Another cute thing that you can make using twigs is a miniature Christmas tree decoration. Its a pretty simple project and with a bit of creativity you could really make it stand out and give it a customized look. Dont forget to give your tree a base so it stands up straight. You can use a small wooden disc for this. More details can be found on diys.

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