20 Creative Ways To Use Pegboards For Home Organization

Do you want to organize your home and life in new and brilliant ways? Pegboards can work like magic! Yes, read that again! Pegboards arent just about tool sheds, offices or garages. You can use them in almost any corner of your home.

The best part about a Pegboard is that its solid, reusable and easy to rearrange. These amazing qualities make it a game-changer when it comes to organizing spaces. These 20 brilliant ideas are here to prove my point.

20 Brilliant Ways To Get Organized With Pegboards

1. Extra Space in Kitchen

Wall Control Kitchen Pegboard Organizer Pots and Pans Pegboard Pack Storage and Organization Kit with Black Pegboard and Black Accessories

Did you run out of cabinet space in your kitchen? Dont worry and let the pegboard do its magic. Attach it on a wall in your kitchen. Fix pegboard hooks on it. Now you can hang almost any type of utensil on it. This can be a great alternative to open shelving. You can also buy a Kitchen specific pegboard on Amazon.

2. DIY Jewelry Display Case

Credit: the36thavenue

Are you willing to organize all your jewelry in one place? The best way to do so is to make this simple DIY jewelry display case. All you would need are a pegboard (size depends upon you), screws, latch, and a piano hinge.

Ps- Instead of making a large display case, make a few smaller ones and carry them almost anywhere!

3. Organizing Tools Better

Wall Control Pegboard Organizer 4 ft. Metal Pegboard Standard Tool Storage Kit with Galvanized Toolboard and Black Accessories

A garage can look extremely nasty and unorganized without much effort. Finding a tool can be an endless task if your garage (just like any other garage) looks like a dumping ground. We have an easy solution to this problem. Just use a pegboard and cover a wall in your garage. And with the help of pegboard hooks, you can assemble your tools in an organized way on the pegboard.

4. Storage for Toys

Credit: The Creativity Exchange

Kids love to play and scatter their toys all around. But cleaning all that clutter could be quite irritating. But the worst happens when they are not able to find their favorite toy.

With the help of pegboards, you can solve this problem once and for all. Visit The Creativity Exchangefor the complete tutorial.

5. Pegboard Planter

Credit: Brepurposed

If you are looking for some cool looking decor for your living room, then this can work like a dream for you! Grab a pegboard (size and color of your preference), a few small plants, and some leather straps.

Drill a couple of holes in each vase and insert the straps and tie knots from within. Insert the other two ends through the holes in the pegboard and tie them as well. The final product will look pretty chic!

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6. DIY Pantry Organizer

Credit: Arts Crackers

Most of us forget the importance of having an organized pantry. If you can arrange it well, your cooking experience can be friction-less. You can store almost anything ranging from baby foods and spices to oils and utensils.

TIP- To make sure that your pantry is up to the mark, maintain a running grocery list.

7. Organizing Garden Supplies

Credit: Hearth And Vine

Gardening can be such a relaxing and peaceful activity. But no gardener likes to keep up with those gardening tools. This mind-blowing way to organize your gardening tools will completely change the whole equation for you.

Just grab a framed pegboard, few screws and pegboard hooks and create this game-changing gardeners pegboard. Your gardening experience would never e the same!

8. Home office Organization

Credit: Gray House Studio

Are you willing to add more value and space to your home office? Use a pegboard for this purpose. Grab two pegboards, some old clipboards, pegboard hooks, a few screws, some paint, and some sticky notes. Begin by painting the pegboard with your preferred color.

Then wrap up the clipboards and spray some paint onto its clippers. Now fix the pegboard on your home office wall and attach the pegboard hooks to it. Hang the clipboards. Get the complete tutorial here.

9. Dividing a Drawer

Credit: Good Housekeeping

Are you looking for a way to arrange your dinnerware in a tidy manner? Then this one is dedicated especially to you. You would need a miracle (well I just used a synonym for pegboards) that fits in your drawer perfectly. You can custom fit the pegs according to the shape and sizes of your utensils.

10. Pegboard Bedroom Wall

Credit: Design Sponge

You can use pegboards to decorate your bedroom wall and can hang paintings, small plants, bedside readings, etc. The best part is that you can change its style and tone as and when you would like to. Just grab a pegboard according to your size and color preferences. For further clarification, Design Sponge is your destination.

11. Cabinet Door Transformation

Credit: 2 Little Superheroes

A cabinet can accumulate lots of clutter in almost no time. We waste a lot of space by filling our cabinets mindlessly. People try a variety of hacks to utilize the cabinet space better. But we all kind of forget about that door.

Try this out, grab a pegboard, cut and shape it according to your cabinet door and attach it there. Fix some hooks on the pegboard, you can successfully store a variety of utensils here.

12. Display Calendars, Planners, and Artwork

Credit: Laura Trevey

Does your office table get all cluttered up due to your calendars, planners, memos, etc.? Grab a pegboard and attach it to a wall in your office room. You can use this pegboard as a display for calendars, planners and all your favorite artworks (to inspire you or for aesthetic reasons). It is a blessing to feel organized!

13. Laundry Room Organization

Wall Control 10-LAU-200WW Standard Laundry Room Organizer

Would you like to enter a room that is full of clutter? An average American laundry room looks pretty nasty. Follow this simple hack where you would need your good old friend (a pegboard!).

Attach it to a wall and fix a few hooks (as per your supplies). You can store all your cleaning supplies and tools here. This way you will have your supplies well organized, easily accessible, and difficult to lose.

14. DIY Key Holder

Credit: Just A Girl Blog

Do you have a habit of losing your keys (more than often)? Is it difficult for you to manage all those keys? You can use a pegboard to keep all your keys in one place. Paint the pegboard, added hooks to it and attach the whole thing to a cabinet door.

15. Extra Space in Bathroom

Credit: Houzz

Does your bathroom lack cabinet space? Pegboards can work like magic when it comes to organizing a bathroom! You can use hooks and baskets to store your toothbrushes, soaps, towels and bath toys. This simple solution will ensure that you wouldnt need any extra space for storing your bathroom supplies. Also, it would not look cheesy or out of sync!

16. Coffee Cups

Credit: Home Hacks

Do you have a special love for coffee? Then this hack is just for you! Grab a Pegboard and cut it according to the size you prefer, and paint it accordingly. Then attach hooks into it. Now all you have to do is to store all your coffee mugs or coffee pots here.

Ps- Make this arrangement right where your coffee machine is. It will look beautifully organized and will be extremely functional.

17. Spool Organizer

Credit: Home Hacks

If you are someone who enjoys sewing, then it is quite certain that you possess quite a few spools. You can use a pegboard and cut it as per the number of spools you have. Fix hooks it and simply store your spools here. By following this hack you can stay organized and orderly.

18. Dorm Room Wall Desk Organizer

Credit: The House That Lars Built

When it comes to space a dorm room surely lacks it. But with this clever hack, you can create extra space to store your miscellaneous desk related clutter, headphones, calendars, etc. Fix a pegboard and attach a few hooks to it. You can also attach baskets to store up your stationery. This will clear all your clutter without demanding any extra space.

19. DIY Candleholder

Credit: Elizabeth Joan Designs

You can use a pegboard in infinite ways. Most of us think that a pegboard can only be attached to a wall. But there are other creative ways like this one, where you can make a cool looking candleholder with the help of a pegboard. The holes in a pegboard add up to the aesthetic value of the candlelight.

20. Decor with Pegboard Letters

Credit: Lovely Indeed

Are you seeking creative ways to decorate your living room? Then you can cut pegboard into a variety of shapes and sizes or you can buy pre-cut shapes. Lovely Indeed hascut and decorated their room with the help of DIY pegboard alphabets. You can also use this hack to organize small and easy to lose things like scissors, keys, etc.

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So what are you waiting for? Go try these simple yet amazing pegboard organization hacks and never look behind to your old-n-unorganized self.

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