15 Simple Handmade Gifts Youll Want To Make Right Now

Simple Handmade Gifts

Im very excited about todays post, because its been too long since I last shared a batch of simple handmade gifts! (About two years too long, in fact!)

Ive been collecting and sharing DIY gift ideas from around the web since the very beginning of my blog back in 2011, making it the longest running series in OGT history! There have been twelve installments in this series to date, and you can find links to all of them right here.

Whether youre looking to make the most of your gift budget this year, or just looking for a way to give your loved ones something meaningful, making gifts by hand is a great way to do it! So here are 15 unique and simple handmade gifts to serve as inspiration, starting with a few of my own gift-worthy projects!

15 Simple Handmade Gifts To Give In 2019

Click on the title of each project for full details and instructions.

Simple Handmade Gifts

1. Hanging Dish Towel

In addition to being easy to make, this hanging dish towel has the potential to save the sanity of the person you give it to! Anyone who cooks at home is sure to appreciate the value of a dish towel that wont slip off their oven handle.

Simple Handmade Gifts

2. Sugar Scrub Bars

Body scrubs can be messy to use, and they add an extra step to your bath or shower routine. But these sugar scrub bars make it easy to wash and exfoliate your skin at the same time!

Simple Handmade Gifts

3. Finger Looping Crafts

I picked up finger looping as a hobby this year, and I cant recommend it enough! This special looped yarn makes it easy to create blankets, scarves, and more that anyone on your list would love to receive.

Check out this post to learn how its done, and to find out where to get simple finger looping patterns and project ideas!

Simple Handmade Gifts

4. Personalized Candles

From Its Always Autumn

A personalized candle would make a thoughtful and practical gift for just about anyone! Use a favorite photo or quote, then transfer it to the glass using good old fashioned packing tape.

Simple Handmade Gifts

5. Soup Mix In A Jar

From Wholefully

When in doubt, give someone the gift of food in the form of this soup mix in a jar! The recipient is sure to appreciate having a meal on hand they can put together quickly and easily!

Simple Handmade Gifts

6. Vintage Book Travel Organizer

From Design Sponge

Looking for the perfect gift for a world traveler or a tech junkie? Either one is sure to love this handy organizer made using a vintage book cover!

Simple Handmade Gifts

7. Funny DIY Socks

From Pretty Providence

One can never have too many socks, especially during the wintertime! These easy-to-make DIY socks will keep your loved ones in stitches with their silly slogans.

Simple Handmade Gifts

8. Crafty First Aid Kit

From Sweet Paul Magazine

Cuts, scrapes, and other minor injuries can strike at anytime! This cute, portable first aid kit, complete with antibacterial ointment and bandaids, would come in handy for just about anyone on your list!

Simple Handmade Gifts

9. Earbuds Case

From Polka Dot Chair

Have a friend or coworker who cant seem to keep their earbuds untangled? Make them a handy carrying case they can keep them in!

Simple Handmade Gifts

10. Embroidered Notebook

From Mollie Makes

Turn a simple notebook into a custom masterpiece with a bit of embroidery! Its not hard to learn how to do (though some experience with needle crafts would go a long way!)

Simple Handmade Gifts

11. Etched Cutting Board

From Design Mom

If youre willing to try your hand at something new in the name of gifting, give wood burning a try! With a simple wood burning pen you can pick up for under $15, its quick and easy to create great designs on wood items like this cutting board.

Simple Handmade Gifts

12. Pattered Bowls

From The Lovely Drawer

Small ceramic bowls make a versatile gift, coming in handy for everything from food prep to holding jewelry! Turn plain white bowls into patterned masterpieces with the help of a few acrylic paints, permanent markers, and some time in the oven.

Simple Handmade Gifts

13. Marbled Votive Cups & Dyed Market Tote

From Lovely Indeed

Okay, so this idea is technically two ideas but I found them both on the same post and couldnt decide which I liked more! Tap into your inner artist by making (and gifting!) these painted votive cups or dyed canvas tote.

Simple Handmade Gifts

14. Pom Pom Market Tote

From Damask Love

And speaking of totes, theres a whole wide world of ways to customize a canvas tote to make the perfect handmade gift! This one features a fruity design made of yarn pom poms and some simple stitching, perfect for any friend who loves a good trip to the farmers market!

Simple Handmade Gifts

15. Quote Pillow

From Inspired By This

Creating a custom piece of home decor as a gift doesnt have to require a bunch of special equipment. In fact, this heartfelt quote pillow only requires a pillow cover, a set of stencils, and a permanent marker!

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Will you be making any simple handmade gifts this year?