12 Ikea Organizing Hacks

Ikea has become the hub of all things organization. If youre as organization obsessed as I am then you may be wondering how you can use some of these brilliant Ikea organizing hacks in your own home. Look no further!

We have compiled a list of the top 12 Ikea organizing hacks for you to adapt into your home and your life. We have compiled some of our favourite ones from around the web for you below. Take a look and dont forget to Pin your favorites!

Make Your Own Pantry

If you are short on kitchen space or wish you had a pantry and dont then give making your own a try! The first of our Ikea organizing hacks creates additional space in your dining room for those extras you have no cupboard room for. The Billy bookcase is transformed into a freestanding pantry and looks bespoke and chic!

freestanding pantry made out of Ikea Billy bookshelf

Tip & Image Credit: Feeling Nifty

Bespoke Laptop Station

There are many uses for the Raskog cart from Ikea, but one of the most unique ones is as a laptop station. Use a shelf to keep your cables in order and prevent the cord chaos. Organize your documents, notebooks, stationary, or whatever else you need to have close to your laptop.

Not only can you wheel everything you need around but you can charge your laptop right on the station and prevent it from overheating with the ventilation grids.

Ikea cart used as a laptop station

Tip & Image Credit: Three Girls Three Cities

Two Tier Jewelry Stand

Am I the only one who finds that my jewelry seems to occupy every room of my house? From finding an earring in my handbag, to a bracelet under the bed it happens more than I would like to admit. This fantastic, and affordable Ikea organizing hack takes 2 cork coasters and a dowel rod and turns them into this 2 tiered jewelry stand.

You can keep it as is or add a bit more colour by using some paint to give it a personalised finish. Not only will your jewelry be organized (or any other bits and bobs you want to keep here) but youll have created a unique piece.

A DIY cork jewlery stand made from 2 Ikea coasters and a dowel

Tip & Image Credit: Paper & Stitch

From Spice Rack to Wall Mounted Shelf

If your kids books are taking over then why not use a modestly priced Ikea spice rack and turn it into a wall mounted bookshelf? This Ikea organizing hack has been making the rounds on Pinterest for quite some time now, but I can see why, its so simple even beginner organizers can give it a go!

If your kids have way too many books then use the shelves to showcase their current favorites!

Ikea spice racks used as children's bookshelves

Tip & Image Credit: Domestic Simplicity

Create More Space for Hanging Clothes

If you have a lot of clothes or just dont have a closet space big enough then this storage idea from Ikea themselves is a breeze. Flip some Ekby Lerberg shelf brackets upside down hang clothes on them. From taking advantage of a small nook or cranny in the back of your closet to putting your favorite scarves on display in a dressing room give this a go!

clothes hanging from upside down Ikea shelf brackets

Tip & Image Credit: Ikea

Organize Bathtime Toys

The Variera trash can is a great addition to your family bathroom. If your kids bath toys are taking up too much space around the bathtub then this handy (and affordable!) little trash can is the solution. Chuck all of the toys in there and let them drip dry until the next time your little ones are ready to play with them.

Bath toy organization from Ikea wastebasket

Tip & Image Credit: The Cottage Market

Use Bins Throughtout

You can use bins for pretty much anything and everything in the home. For this tip, use the Variera box in the bathroom to give a very used space of the home that organization that it needs.

The best thing is that you can also find them in different colors. This can help you choose the right box for your decor. You can even forgo labels altogether and color coordinate based on family member.

organized undersink storage using Ikea containers

Tip & Image Credit: Just Another Mummy Blog

Tackle The Paper Trail

If you have papers and documents all over the place then this tip is for you! Repurpose the Ikea Trones shoe storage organizer and corral all those papers that you just cant seem to find a place for. This is also a great way to create a simple command center or to manage incoming and outgoing mail. Not only does this help you keep things under control, but you will also keep things out of sight.

Tip & Image Credit: Hey, Lets Make Stuff

Tidy Up Your Drawers

Keep drawers organized and in control with the Ikea Skubbs range of drawer and wardrobe organizers. These handy (and affordable) organizers are a great addition to any room.

In the example below you can see them in action in a nursery to keep diapers and other baby necessities at hand and tidy. But as with other Ikea products the only limit is your imagination.

Ikea organizing hacks drawer strorage containers

Tip & Image Credit: Just Another Mummy Blog

Organize Your Pantry

Pantries and kitchen cabinets can get chaotic with boxes and wrappers galore. If youre tired of sifting through the numerous cereal boxes only to find a tiny bit of product left then organizing with the Ikea 365 clear dry food jars is just what you need!

Ikea kitchen organizing hacks

Tip & Image Credit: I Heart Planners

Go Vertical

The Ikea Sultan Lade slatted bed base is given a new lease of life by being put to use vertically instead of horizontally. Use this slatted bed frame along with hooks to create a storage and organizational area in the bathroom or any room of the home that is lacking in space.

Ikea organizing hacks vertical bed slats

Tip & Image Credit: Vorstadt Leben

Use Floor Space

Make use of underbed storage without breaking the bank (or your back!) by adding castor wheels to the Algot mesh baskets. This simple DIY is a great organization idea for anyone that needs to make use of any spare inch of space. Use it under the bed or even under a cabinet that isnt down to the ground to make the best use of space.

Ikea organizing hacks with baskets

Tip & Image Credit: The Heathered Nest

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