11 Surprisingly Useful Things You Can Do With Shower Rings

As part of our bathroom renovations last year, we had the shower curtain in the hallway bathroom replaced with a glass enclosure. But as I collected the set of shower rings that held up the shower curtain, intending to throw them out, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it!

The shower rings were still perfectly good, even though I no longer needed them for their intended purpose. So I pulled a classic “Jillee” move and set them aside until I could figure out a good way to use them.

And the good news is that I didn’t find just one way to use them—I found 11! And I’ll be sharing those creative uses for shower rings with you here in today’s blog post.

From organizing and storage, to decorating and teaching, you’ll be surprised at just how many ways you can put those little rings to work! (And even if you don’t have a set of spare shower rings lying around like I did, you can always pick one up for a couple of dollars at a big box or dollar store!)

11 Unexpected & Creative Ways to Use Shower Rings

1. Closet Space Saver

Hang several shower rings from a hanger, and use them to hang up belts, tank tops, scarves, bras, baseball caps, ties, or anything else that doesn’t need its own individual hanger. You’ll save a lot of space in your closet, and your accessories will be easier to find too!

2. Kitchen Storage

Use shower rings to hang kitchen utensils and dish towels. It’s functional and looks nice too.

3. Shower Storage

Add an additional curtain rod or tension rod to your shower, and use shower curtain rings to hang your shower tools from it. Hang your loofahs to keep them dry and free of mildew, or hang a few plastic buckets and use them to corral bath toys!

4. Mini Wreaths

Use shower rings to create miniature wreaths or Christmas ornaments. Just wrap each ring all the way around with yarn, and use a bit of ribbon to make a bow. How cute is that?

5. Ring Toss

Use shower rings to make your own ring toss game! Arrange tall, slender bottles in a grouping, then stand a few yards away and attempt to toss the rings onto the necks of the bottles.

6. Jewelry Organizer

Make a useful jewelry organizer with a few shower rings and a towel bar or tension rod. Hang the rings from the rod and use it to hang up necklaces and bracelets, so you never have to contend with a tangled mess of jewelry!

7. Hair Tie Saver

Use a shower ring to eliminate the problem of hair ties mysteriously disappearing! I’m always losing my hair ties, so now I keep them all on a shower ring that clips closed. It’s an easy way to stay organized (and it has already saved me at least one trip to the store for replacements!)

8. Teaching Tool

Use shower curtain rings to create a fun teaching tool for kids. Write each letter of the alphabet out on individual shower rings, then pair them with a cardboard tube from wrapping paper or paper towels. Kids can slide the shower rings onto the tube in different combinations to practice words and spelling.

9. Hula Hoop Hideaway

Create a reading nook or hideaway for little ones using shower rings and a hula hoop. Hang the shower rings on a hula hoop, then hang a cheap fabric shower curtain from the rings.

Use some string or fishing line to suspend the hoop from the ceiling, or wherever you want to hang it, and voila! So darling!

10. Closet Space Saver, Part 2

Use shower rings to make a chain for hanging purses or other accessories. Hang up an over-the-door hook in your closet, then daisy-chain several shower curtain rings or hooks together and hang them on the hook. Another great way to save space!

11. Cleaning Supply Organizer

If you have a coat closet in your home that you aren’t currently using, use shower rings to hang your cleaning tools from the closet rod! Not only will it get your tools up off the floor, but it will prevent long-handled tools from falling over all the time (which is a huge pet peeve of mine!)

Do you use shower rings around your home?

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