10 Useful Things That Will Help You Get Organized

All this time at home making you organize like crazy?

Well you’re definitely not alone. I like to pick a little project or section of the house to work on every day and it has really given me a sense of purpose and control during this uncertain time.

From boxes to baskets to tools for planning out your week, I rounded up 10 of the most helpful tools to declutter and streamline your life.

Let the organizing commence!


Gift Card Holder

Kicking things off with a multi-purpose tool. This organizer is intended to store cards {you can separate birthday from anniversary from holiday etc.}. I actually love using one for gift cards as well. I don't like always carrying them around in my wallet, so this is the perfect tool to sort them.


Jewelry Box

Very few things feel better than organizing your jewelry, there is just something so satisfying about it. I love this box because it makes it easy to locate everything and also looks really sleek if it's on display.


Packing Cubes

These are an absolute must have for me. While you may not use them in the moment {I know none of us are really traveling right now}, they are amazing to keep on hand for when the time comes. I use these pouches on every trip to separate things like chargers, underwear or June's toys.


Sponge Holder

I love anything that clears room on my counter. This is wonderful for sponges or soaps in the kitchen, but can totally be used in the bathroom as well.


Seasonal Storage Bins

One of the ways I keep my closet organized is by storing items that are out of season. I love using boxes like this {I actually think these boxes are the exact ones I have} to organize things like my winter boots during warmer seasons.


Weekly To-Do List

I really like writing down any due dates I have throughout the week or major reminders I have for myself. I always use my Google calendar, but it's sometimes nice to put pen to paper and really plan the week out.


Blanket Basket

We keep a basket like this in our living room to store blankets. We keep decorative ones on display, but this is great for the ones you just love cozying up with when watching a movie but don't need to have out all the time.


Pantry Storage

These containers can be used to store your most used pantry items. They're wonderful for things like pasta, tea bags or ground coffee, but the options are endless!


Memory Boxes

Does anyone else like to save meaningful notes from friends and other special memories? I keep these boxes in my closet for just this reason. It's a really helpful way to avoid clutter because it forces you to pick the ones you know you'll want to hold onto forever.


Electronics Dividers

About a year or two ago I decided to organize all my electronics in plastic drawers like this. It was truly a game changer. I keep a container for chargers, cameras, travel electronics, film, and so much more.

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Do you have any organizational tips up your sleeve? Share them below!